How do you adjust the shocks on a progressive 422?

How do you adjust the shocks on a progressive 422?

 Your new 422 series with RAP Softail suspension system actually has two methods of adjusting your preload. The most convenient is by simply turning the RAP adjuster knob – clockwise to increase preload (reducing sag) and counterclockwise to reduce preload (increase sag).

How do progressive shocks work?

Progressive suspension (when setup right) is ‘plusher’ on small bumps but stiffens up as the travel is use, meaning it won’t bottom out as much. The idea is you get a plush shock for small hits, that can handle big hits with less travel. (Or a plusher shock for small hits, with the same travel).

How does a Harley Softail suspension work?

Softail models feature adjustable rear shock absorbers located beneath the motorcycle. Because they are inverted, they function oppositely to conventional shocks. Positioned horizontally under the motorcycle, the shock is mounted to the frame in the front of the bike and to the swing arm in the rear.

Are Progressive shocks worth it?

Absolutely, the Progressive 412 shocks yield an improved ride over OEM shocks. While the improvement isn’t as mind-blowing as Progressive’s premium 444 shocks, the improvement in ride quality is more than noticeable for what is, at heart, Progressive’s entry-level shocks.

Are Progressive shocks adjustable?

All of Progressive Suspension’s shocks are Preload Adjustable. This allows the user to easily tune the shocks for their specific combination of bike and rider weight.

Is 60000 miles alot for a Harley-Davidson?

For larger bikes, 50,000 miles and up is considered high motorcycle mileage. But before you write off any models, consider that a properly maintained bike can last well past 100,000 miles!

How do I adjust my progressive Softail shocks?

Use the supplied wrench or a Harley adjustment wrench to turn the adjustment nut counterclockwise to the desired preload setting. Then tighten the 1-1/16” lock nut. Both shocks must be adjusted to the same, equal setting (See Figure 2). plate are turned to the end of the threads (no threads showing).

Why is a Harley Softail called a Softail?

A softail (shortened form of soft tail) motorcycle intentionally looks like vintage motorcycles with a rigid hard-tail frame that has a triangle of steel tubes at the rear axle, like on a bicycle frame, but on a Softail these tubes are actually a triangular swingarm, with the shock absorber(s) hidden, as opposed to …

Where are progressive motorcycle shocks made?

Progressive makes an extensive line of shocks and springs for many different motorcycle brands and models, so chances are they’ll have one for your bike. Made in: U.S.A.