How do you access the black market in Just Cause 2?

How do you access the black market in Just Cause 2?

The black market becomes available in Just Cause 2 after the end of the second storyline mission “Casino Bust”. On PC, you use 4 to equip the beacon, and then you press E when the beacon indicates a good spot. On Xbox, you use the D-pad and then press A.

Where is the helicopter in Just Cause 2?

They are found at most military bases in Panau. They also have numerous different liveries based on where they came from. They show up anywhere, as soon as you get enough heat.

How do you upgrade weapons in jc2?

You need to click the weapon/vehicle with the mouse then 2 clickable boxes would highlight the buy and upgrade option. Then another mouse to choose which you prefer. ^_^

How do you increase chaos in Just Cause 2?

Pretty much anything you can do in Just Cause 2 increases the chaos points.

  1. Destroying sabotage destructible objects.
  2. Destroying vehicles.
  3. Completing missions.
  4. Completing settlements (see Just Cause 2 General Gameplay Tips).

How many total missions are there in Just Cause 2?

There are seven agency missions in the game: Welcome to Panau. Casino Bust. The White Tiger.

Where is the bubble gun in Just Cause 2?

It can only be found in a desert-themed tower in the middle of a collection of blooming trees at X:4245 m; Y:25980 m. The trees around it are pink. Those same trees can also be seen in the Agency mission Into the Den. If the top of the tower is destroyed, the table that the gun was sitting on will float in the air.

How many vehicles are there in Just Cause 2?

Drive all 104 vehicles.

How do I activate Bavarium shield?

How to turn on bavarium shield? Press “x”. Originally posted by videogames: Press “x”.

How do you get Urga Bkolos 2100?


  1. Outside of a police station combat zone while you’re fighting the D.R.M.
  2. If you hear “Attention, we are sending tanks to your location.” that means an Urga Bkolos 2100 and/or a CS Odjur has spawned.
  3. Heat levels 3 and above can spawn it.
  4. North of the wall, it can appear at heat level 2 and rarely, heat level 1.