How do I troubleshoot my Galaxy S4?

How do I troubleshoot my Galaxy S4?

Software or memory error A glitch in an app or the system software can cause the Galaxy S4 to become unresponsive. Sometimes all it takes to resolve the problem is a simple restart. Hold the power button down for seven seconds. The S4 should reboot and return to normal.

How do I do a soft reset on my Samsung Galaxy S4?

To perform a soft reset on a Galaxy S4, press and hold the power key for a few seconds, choose “Power Off” from the Phone Options menu and select “OK.” Next, slide the back panel off the phone, remove the battery for 30 seconds, reconnect the battery, close the back panel and hold the power key until the device turns …

Why isnt my Samsung turning on?

Force Restart Your Samsung Galaxy If your Samsung Galaxy isn’t turning on, it could be a software crash. Fortunately, you can force your phone to restart. A force restart will force your phone to turn off and then back on again. This type of restart won’t affect the data on your phone.

Why does my Samsung phone suddenly turn off and not turning on?

Check the battery. If you have a removable battery, remove it and look it over. Make sure it’s a genuine Samsung battery, and that there’s no damage to the battery or the pins in the compartment. If you cannot remove the battery, press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons for 30 seconds to reset the device.

How do I fix my Samsung phone that won’t turn on?

What to do when your Samsung phone does not turn on

  1. Check the power button.
  2. Verify that your phone has a sufficient charge. a.
  3. Verify that your phone’s charging port is not damaged. a.
  4. Verify that you are using a compatible charger.
  5. Attempt a forced restart of the phone.
  6. Attempt a hardware factory reset.

What to do if your phone is on but the screen is black Samsung?

Blank or black display on a Samsung phone or tablet

  1. Check the phone or tablet, charger, and USB cable. Verify the phone, tablet, charger, and USB cable have no physical or liquid damage.
  2. Remove the battery (certain devices only).
  3. Charge the phone or tablet.
  4. Restart the phone or tablet.