How do I display Phpinfo?

How do I display Phpinfo?

Checking PHP Information Using Hosting Control Panel Once you’re logged in, scroll down and go to Advanced -> PHP Info. You’ll then be forwarded to a page with detailed information about your current PHP version, modules, and values, etc.

Where can I find phpMyAdmin config file?

The configuration files are located in the /etc/phpmyadmin directory. The main configuration file is /etc/phpmyadmin/config. inc. php, which contains the configuration options that apply globally to phpMyAdmin.

How do I find Phpinfo in terminal?

Is there an easy way of seeing PHP info?

  1. Create a info. php file;
  2. Write phpinfo(); in it.
  3. Go to the browser and type my “thisproject. dev/info. php”

How do I get Phpinfo in cPanel?

How to check PHP version and configuration

  1. Log into your cPanel account, go to the Files section > File Manager:
  2. Navigate to the public_html directory, click on +File and create a phpinfo.php file:
  3. Find the newly created file in the list and click on Edit in the upper corner menu or right-click on the file > Edit:

How do I find Phpinfo on Windows?

Check PHP Version by Running PHP Code phpversion(); Create the file using a text editor like gedit or Notepad, and upload it to your website’s document root directory. Note: While phpinfo() is useful for debugging, the page features sensitive information about your system.

How can you display text with a PHP script?

PHP allows us to display the text in various formats using various inbuilt methods. Using echo command: The echo command can be used to display text, including numerical, strings and arrays.

How do I find MySQL configuration file?

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  1. Find the configuration files. By default, you can find the MySQL® configuration files in: /etc/mysql.
  2. my. cnf configuration file.
  3. Log files. Log files are the best place to start troubleshooting any program.
  4. mysqld and mysqld_safe.
  5. mysqladmin.
  6. Backups.
  7. Database engine.
  8. Related articles.

How do I find MySQL server details?

2 Answers

  1. Following command will show you most of your desired information:
  2. Only version:
  3. EDIT:
  4. SHOW STATUS provides server status information like Connections , Opened_tables , Bytes_received , Bytes_sent , etc.
  5. SHOW VARIABLES shows the values of MySQL system variables like time_zone , version , max_connections , etc.

How do I display the contents of a file in PHP?

The file_get_contents function takes the name of the php file and reads the contents of the text file and displays it on the console. get the contents, and echo it out.

What are two methods of displaying text in PHP?

With PHP, there are two basic ways to get output: echo and print .