How do I check my KSFE chitty online?

How do I check my KSFE chitty online?

KSFE Online Payment

  1. Visit official site of KSFE. Open any browser and go through this link
  2. Click on Pay Online.
  3. Tap on Pay Chitty.
  4. Enter required details.
  5. Fill code and Click on Search.
  6. Verify the chitty details carefully.
  7. Complete payment with any payment mode.

How do you take KSFE chitty?

Eligibility for chitty loan. If you are a non-prized subscriber in a chitty and remitted 10% of the total number of instalments promptly, you are eligible for an advance up to 50% of the total chitty amount or sala (gross subscription to be remitted per month multiplied by the number of instalments in the Chitty).

Is KSFE chitty good?

KSFE is a tricky product to assess. The prize money is guaranteed since the government runs KSFE. However, the returns are unpredictable. The returns depend on when you get the “prize money” and the dividends.

What is chittal number in KSFE?

In KSFE, each chitty has a fixed number of Tickets i.e. Subscribers. For example: A 40 months chitty will have 40 subscribers including Foreman (KSFE). Each subscriber is given a number ranging from 1 to 40. This number is called Chittal Number.

Is there any app for KSFE?

KSFE Pravasi Chit on the App Store.

Is chitty profitable?

Investing in a chit fund may result in a profit, but can also result in a loss. If you win a bid and end up investing more than what you got, then the chit fund becomes a loan. The loss can be considered interest payable on the loan.

What is the benefit of chitty?

Why Chit Fund

Benefits Banks & other FI
Freedom to use funds Restricted. Loan is for specified purpose – be it home-loan, vehicle, business etc.
Rate of Interest on borrowing High. The Banks & other NBFC borrow money at interest, add service charges and lend at higher rates.

What are benefits of chitty?

Can I withdraw KSFE chitty?

After remittance of 10% of the instalments a subscriber will be eligible for advance of upto 50% of the sala of the chitty, subject to certain conditions.

Is KSFE chitty Haram?

The Kerala State Financial Enterprises (KSFE) Pravasi Chitty, the savings scheme for expats from the state, is now Shariah-compliant, an Indian minister said in Abu Dhabi.

Is KSFE chitty taxable?

The dividend income earned per month is neither tax deductible nor taxable. The overall income is taxable as income from other sources. The overall loss can be claimed as business loss.

How is chitty calculated?

Amount collected per month = 20*1000 = Rs. 20, 000 – this is known as the Chit Amount. Once the first month’s payment is received, bids are invited from all subscribers. Any subscriber, who is in need of money, can bid for the chit amount, at a lower amount than it.

Which is better Rd or chitty?

Chit funds are not necessarily a bad investment. It has a bad reputation because it has been misused in the past to scam naive investors. There are Government-run and registered chit funds that are safe to invest in. On the other hand, recurring deposit are a much safer investment.

What are the disadvantages of chit funds?


  • The biggest risk involving a chit fund is the misuse of the pooled funds by the foreman.
  • Sometimes members stop paying the dues and have already taken the first bid.
  • In certain chit funds, discount rate is rigged, and a desperate member ends up paying a higher discount.

Is KSFE halal?

Kerala’s Finance Minister Thomas Isaac said the chit fund scheme is now available with an additional ‘halal’ option and some added features on “There will be no auction or implicit interest rate. Each chit fund will have just 12 to 20 subscribers.

Is KSFE Chitty tax exempt?

Tax on Income from Chit Funds The dividend income earned per month is neither tax deductible nor taxable. The overall income is taxable as income from other sources. The overall loss can be claimed as business loss. For instance, if a member at the end receives Rs.

Can I withdraw from KSFE chitty?

Is Chitty a good investment?