How can I get more power out of my 6.5 diesel?

How can I get more power out of my 6.5 diesel?

5 Ways to Get More Power From Your Diesel Engine

  1. Upgrade the Air Intake. One sure way to increase the performance of a diesel vehicle is to improve the airflow to the engine.
  2. Change or Reprogram the ECM.
  3. Using New Fuel Injectors.
  4. Turbochargers.
  5. Performance Exhaust.

What does PMD stand for on a 6.5 Diesel?

A Pump Mounted Driver (PMD) is the black box on the side of the injection pump on 6.5L diesels in GM vehicles. The PMD has been a major problem for Chevy / GMC 6.5L diesel owners since its introduction on the 1994 6.5L electronically controlled DS4 fuel injection pump.

How do I advance my injection pump timing?

Some of the most common ways to advance the timing are:

  1. Program the ECM. The engine control module is a computer that analyzes information to control your boat’s performance.
  2. Modify the Fuel Injection Pump.
  3. Replace the Camshaft.
  4. Swap Out the Cam Gaskets and Followers.

How much pressure is in a diesel fuel line?

But unlike fuel-injected gas engines that inject fuel at 10-60 psi, diesel fuel-injection systems run in the 10,000-30,000-psi range.

What are the symptoms of diesel injection pump?

The symptoms of such failures within an injection system may include the following:

  • Low power from the engine.
  • Reduced engine RPM.
  • Increased fuel consumption.
  • Poor cycle times or low speed.
  • Smoke.
  • Lower gear selection.
  • Noise.
  • Poor starting.

Is 6.5 diesel a good engine?

I had no major problems with my 6.5 since i bought it(2+ years). It’s a good engine as long as your familiar with the common issues associated with it. Let it breathe and relocate the PMD and you should be swell. You said your looking at a ’97, it comes with dual thermostats which will help with any cooling issues.