Does Kirkland minoxidil work for beard growth?

Does Kirkland minoxidil work for beard growth?

Still, some users have discovered that it is also good for their hair problems. Users have discovered that not only does it combat hair loss, but it also helps to restart hair growth on the scalp. However, Minoxidil tablets should not be used to increase beard growth.

How long does Kirkland minoxidil take to work beard?

about 2 – 4 months
Kirkland hair loss treatment may take about 2 – 4 months time for effective results to start showing.

Is beard minoxidil safe?

According to the study, the researchers believe that it is safe to use minoxidil for beard enhancement. That being said, there are known side effects (a common side effect being dry, flaky skin which can easily be addressed with a specialized moisturizer) and you should consult your doctor before starting minoxidil.

Does minoxidil affect beard growth?

Yup. “[Minoxidil] can be used to help grow a beard,” Dr. Finney said. “We know from scalp studies that minoxidil use will promote hairs to stay in the growing phase longer.

How long should I use minoxidil for beard?

How Long to Use Minoxidil for Beard Growth? You’ll need to use minoxidil on your beard consistently and regularly for six to 24 months for the best results. Using the product every so often won’t help, and the hair growth cycle takes time, so do be patient.

Do you lose beard after stopping minoxidil?

Beard growth does not reach the full potential until 30. You are correct that beard growth is not negatively affected by DHT. It is unlikely that there are many minoxidil dependent hairs after stopping- most men do not notice loss after stopping but its not impossible.

How long should I use minoxidil beard?

How do you use Kirkland minoxidil?


  1. apply one mL with dropper 2 times a day directly onto the scalp in the hair loss area.
  2. using more or more often will not improve results.
  3. continued use is necessary to increase and keep your hair regrowth, or hair loss will begin again.

Can I sleep after applying minoxidil?

Allow the minoxidil to completely dry for 2 to 4 hours after applying it, including before going to bed.

Does Kirkland minoxidil really work for hair growth?

Yet, one product that has been proven to be promising in terms of reviews has been Kirkland Minoxidil. What is Kirkland Minoxidil? Kirkland Minoxidil is a hair regrowth treatment that has been clinically proven to help regrow hair.

Is minoxidil a good hair solution for men?

Kirkland Minoxidil Review: 5% Topical Hair Solution For Men Naturally, as you age, whether male or female, your hair begins to thin and fall out. This doesn’t sit well with some individuals, who will try anything at their disposal to remedy this issue.

What is Kirkland Signature minoxidil 5% W/V?

Kirkland Minoxidil 5% w/v Kirkland Signature Minoxidil is available in a liquid form or foam that stimulates hair growth; thus has application in male pattern baldness treatment. Note that Minoxidil for men is not used to treat a receding hairline or baldness at the scalp’s front. Rather, it’s suitable for treating just hair loss.

What is the difference between Kirkland minoxidil and Rogaine?

Rogaine is almost double the price of Kirkland Minoxidil, which makes it an excellent product for either those who know that the active ingredient. That ingredient is Minoxidil, which is the only thing that their hair needs or people that have a hair care routine that includes the nutrients and DHT Blockers that Kirland’s product lacks.