Can you use filler on bumper?

Can you use filler on bumper?

Body filler and glaze is not meant to flex the way that plastic does, therefore the material would crack. Plastic repair materials should be used when performing repairs on bumper covers. These materials or adhesives, are two-part epoxies, urethanes, or acrylics.

What is bumper filler?

A flexible easy to use filler that’s been specially formulated to repairs scratches and scuffs in most plastic and urethane bumpers and trim pieces. The pre-measured packets are easy to mix and the filler dries fast and can be easily sanded and shaped to the exact bumper contour.

Do plastic bumpers need primer?

If you’re repairing plastic, you’ll need a primer that removes any minor sand scratches and conceals any body work (i.e. halos, bulls-eyes, and ring-outs). To accomplish that, look for a primer that’s high-filling and sandable.

How long does Isopon take to dry?

Drying Time Sandable after 20 mins. at 20ºC.

How do you mix P38 Isopon?

Mixing ratio 100 parts by weight ISOPON P38 polyester filler 2 parts by weight ISOPON hardener for polyester fillers. The exact mixing ratio is not critical, although over or under catalyzation may affect the gel time.

What filler do I use on plastic bumper?

Choose a flexible filler such as 3M™ EZ Sand Multi-Purpose Repair Material.

What filler do I use for plastic bumper?

What primer is best for plastic bumpers?

Water-based primers are a good choice. Some bumper recyclers, however, are just using lacquer primer over-thinned with cheap lacquer thinner to make the part look black.

What primer should I use on plastic bumper?

Flexible Primer Surfacer is a time saving coating that provides superior film build and flexibility when refinishing bumper covers and other plastics.

Is Isopon waterproof?

U-POL Isopon P40 Fibre Glass BodyFiller 1L Used on Bare Steel And Original Paint Repairs Damaged Body Panels Very Durable Waterproof Can be Over Painted.

Will fillers set without hardener?

No, the wood filler does not harden without adding a hardener. The hardening process happens due to a chemical reaction between the wood filler and the hardener which is also known as the catalyst. The hardener/catalyst mediates the chemical reaction to harden the wood filler quickly.

How long does Isopon P38 take to dry?

Drying Time Sandable after 15 mins. at 20ºC. IMPORTANT – This fillers is very easy to sand and therefore recommend that nothing coarser or lower than P80 paper is used.

What Colour is Isopon P38?


Code P38/1 Beige
Code P38/S Beige