Can you still play Pokemon Duel?

Can you still play Pokémon Duel?

About Kaeru Duel Kaeru Duel Alpha is a set of custom servers compatible with the discontinued mobile game, Pokémon Duel, bringing back ever more of the game’s original features so that players, new and old, can enjoy them in 2020 and beyond, even though the official backend was shut down.

What happened to Pokémon Duel?

On 10 January 2019, the game shut its services in the Netherlands due to a ban on loot boxes in video games. In July 2019, The Pokémon Company announced that the service for Pokémon Duel would be discontinued on 31 October 2019.

What region is Pokémon Duel in?

Pokémon Duel

Japan: April 12, 2016 (Android) April 19, 2016 (iOS) October 2, 2017 (Amazon)
North America: January 24, 2017 (iOS, Android) October 2, 2017 (Amazon)
Australia: January 24, 2017 (iOS, Android) October 2, 2017 (Amazon)
Europe: January 24, 2017 (iOS, Android) October 2, 2017 (Amazon)

Why did Pokémon Duel get canceled?

The Pokémon Company did not say why the service is being terminated, but the game’s comparatively low earnings could be the reason. Because of the end of the game’s services, the company has stopped selling paid items as of today, though players will be able to spend any gems they’ve already purchased.

Why did Pokémon Duel get Cancelled?

Will they bring back Pokémon Duel?

As of October 31, 2019, at 01:59 UTC, services for Pokémon Duel will end. Once these services have ended, you will no longer be able to install or update the game or transfer your account….Gems given out for the Booster Enhancers you have.

Release Date: January 24, 2017
Players: 1–2

Is Pokémon Duel a switch?

While there are several options when it comes to adding a Pokémon game to the Nintendo Switch, Pokémon Duel is by far the best choice.

Is there a Pokémon battle app?

You can grab Pokémon Duel on either the App Store or Google Play now, and get to battling. It’s a very different take on Pokémon than either the main series or Pokémon GO, but it takes a lot from card battlers and tactics games, which sounds like a winning combo.

Why was Pokémon Duel removed?

The Pokémon Duel shutdown is a reminder of the risk of spending money on digital game microtransactions. Players who sunk tens or hundreds of dollars into the game will now have nothing to show for it, as it seems the game will be unplayable once the termination goes into effect.

What happened to Pokemon brick bronze on Roblox?

Pokemon Brick Bronze has Shut Down Indefinitely. Earlier today, our beloved game was shut down. The group, badges, and game itself were all replaced with “[Content Deleted]”.

Can you play original Pokémon on Android?

Which Pokémon Games Are Playable on Android? There’s no one-size-fits-all Pokémon emulator, but everything from the original Game Boy games to the Nintendo DS titles are available to emulate on Android.