Can you still buy southpaw beer?

Can you still buy southpaw beer?

Jon Stern, a spokesman for MillerCoors’ joint venture in Chicago, told The Business Journal that the company has already discontinued its Southpaw Light brand as well as parts of its Red Dog brand.

Who made southpaw beer?

Southpaw Light Miller Brewing Co.

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Is Miller owned by Budweiser?

MillerCoors is now owned by Molson Coors who acquired it from Anheuser-Busch….Is Miller Lite Made By Anheuser Busch?

Miller Lite logo
Introduced 1975
Alcohol by volume 4.2%

What was the original Miller beer?

Miller High Life: A pilsner-style beer introduced in 1903, High Life is Miller Brewing’s oldest brand and is 4.6% abv. It is noted for its high level of carbonation, like champagne, leading to its longtime slogan “The Champagne of Beers”.

What is Icehouse beer?

Icehouse is America’s first domestically brewed ice beer, introduced in 1993. This lager is brewed below freezing resulting in a bold, smooth beer that never tastes watered down. Icehouse is available in a variety of packages including beer Cans and beer Bottles.

Is Icehouse beer being discontinued?

Molson Coors will be discontinuing a number of its economy brands including Keystone Ice, Icehouse Edge and Miller High Life Light as part of a company-wide effort to “premiumize” its higher-end offerings.

Is Blue Moon made by Coors?

Blue Moon Brewing Company was started in 1995 by Keith Villa, PhD, brewmaster, and Jim Sabia, marketer, as a craft-beer operating unit of the Coors Brewing Company (now called MillerCoors), headquartered at the Sandlot Brewery at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado (later renamed the Blue Moon Brewing Company at the …

Is Icehouse beer being discontinued 2021?

Icehouse Edge was another victim of Molson Coors big cut, the high-gravity lager with dark golden appearance and 8% ABV—a spin-off of Icehouse—was also discontinued in 2021.

Do they sell Little Kings beer?

Little Kings Original Cream Ale, 24 bottles / 7 fl oz – Kroger.