Why was Al Neri loyal to Michael?

Why was Al Neri loyal to Michael?

It appears that the real reason Neri was chosen to be the replacement was because of his powerful physical abilities, his fierce loyalty, and knowledge of police procedure, and many old contacts in the Department. Al Neri was described as watchful, taciturn, ruthless and unswerving in his loyalty to Michael.

Who is Al Neri based on?

Albert “Al” Neri is a fictional character appearing in Mario Puzo’s 1969 novel The Godfather and Francis Ford Coppola’s trilogy of films based on it. In all three motion pictures, he is portrayed by actor Richard Bright….

Al Neri
Family Tommy Neri

What did sollozzo say to Luca?

Moments later, Virgil Sollozzo emerges and confronts Luca Brasi. In Italian, he tells Brasi if he is not happy with the Corleone family, then he should join Sollozzo – who can pay him $50,000 to start. Luca Brasi pretends to consider but instead of shaking Sollozzo’s extended hand, he pulls out a cigarette.

What did Tom Hagen do for Vito?

In 1945, shortly after Connie Corleone’s wedding, Hagen was dispatched by Vito Corleone to Hollywood in order to convince Jack Woltz, a big-time movie studio head, to give singer Johnny Fontane (Vito’s godson) the lead role in his new war film.

Who was Michaels Luca Brasi?

Luca Brasi is a minor character in the Mario Puzo’s novel The Godfather, as well as its 1972 film adaptation. In The Godfather, Luca Brasi was a feared personal enforcer for the Corleone Family, and he was known as one of the most dangerous men in the eastern underworld.

Who killed Dontommasino?

hitman Mosca of Montelepre
However, that same year, Tommasino was shot to death by the hitman Mosca of Montelepre, who had been hired by Don Altobello to assassinate Michael.

Why did Luca Brasi sleep with the fishes?

Sleeping with the fishes is a reference to an old Sicilian message. Fish are wrapped in an article of clothing belonging to a person who has been hit, whacked, or otherwise killed, and it is then wrapped in newspaper and delivered to the Capos.

Who strangled Luca Brasi?

Sollozzo, after promising friendship, a job, and $50,000, then rams a knife into Luca’s hand, pinning it to the bar as an assassin garrottes him from behind. With Brasi dead, Sollozzo’s men were free to attempt a hit on Don Corleone without fear of Luca hunting them down later.

Who betrayed Michael Corleone in Italy?

When Michael Corleone fled to Sicily to escape the American authorities, Calò and his friend Fabrizio were assigned to protect Michael. The three developed a close bond of friendship until Fabrizio betrayed Michael, attempting to kill him in an explosion that claimed the life of Michael’s wife Apollonia.

Why did Don Corleone send Luca Brasi to his death?

Don Corleone orders Luca Brasi, one of his most trusted muscle men, to infiltrate the ranks of a rival family and gain their trust and information. The opposing family would have surely known about Luca, and his strong affiliation with the Corleone’s. Any word otherwise would be laughable, given the circumstances.

Why was Luca Brasi so feared?

In the book, we learn that Brasi was a crazed hitman, so hellbent on loyalty that he once killed a man who worked for the Corleone family because he thought he made them look bad. He also took part in the Olive Oil Wars, where he was in the room with six other hitmen and killed all of them in various bloody ways.

Who killed Apollonia?

When she started the car to drive towards him, she unknowingly ignited a bomb planted in the car, intended for Michael, the subsequent explosion killed her instantly. The attack was orchestrated by Michael’s trusted bodyguard, Fabrizio, who was paid off by the Barzini family from New York.

Why was the Pope killed in Godfather?

Fearing that their corruption will be exposed, Keinszig, Lucchesi, and Gilday plot to murder the Pope. Gilday poisons the pontiff’s tea, killing him in his sleep.