Why did Data name his child Lal?

Why did Data name his child Lal?

Data chose the name for his offspring from a Hindi word meaning “beloved”. Data’s eventual hope was that someday his daughter would enter Starfleet Academy and serve in Starfleet, as he had. He wished to give back to the organization that had given him so many opportunities.

Is the girl in Picard Lal?

In Star Trek: Picard, Jean-Luc Picard realizes that Dahj looks identical to a figure in a painting that Data made entitled “Daughter.” He believes Dahj is somehow Data’s daughter. PS: Yes, Data’s daughter was indeed played by Lizzie McGuire’s mother. Same actress! Hallie Todd!

Is DAHJ a Lal?

Dahj is Data’s daughter Lal During the third season of Star Trek: The Next Generation Data figured out a way to create a progeny, a new type of android that would eventually take the name Lal.

Who played Lal in the offspring?

Hallie Todd
Hallie Todd, who played Lal, was the stepdaughter of Guy Raymond, who guest starred as the K-7 bartender in the TOS episode “The Trouble with Tribbles.” Todd went on to a long run as Jo McGuire, Lizzie McGuire’s mom, in the popular Lizzie McGuire series and film starring Hilary Duff.

Why was Lal not mentioned in Picard?

Why did Picard not identify Dahj as Lal in Picard S01E01 “Remembrance”? The background is that Data had made a painting, which we had not seen before, of his daughter Lal. As the painting is titled “Daughter”, we can assume that Lal is the subject.

Is Soji Data’s daughter?

Soji (Isa Briones) is the synthetic daughter of the late Commander Data (Brent Spiner), but Star Trek: Picard has drawn a fascinating contrast between them.

What episode is Lal in Star Trek?

In this episode the android Data creates a “child” of his own named Lal and tries to raise her, while Picard takes on Starfleet Research to keep them from taking her away….The Offspring (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

“The Offspring”
Star Trek: The Next Generation episode
Episode no. Season 3 Episode 16
Directed by Jonathan Frakes
Written by René Echevarria

Who played Data’s daughter in Picard?

Isabella Camille “Isa” Briones (/ˈiːsə briːˈoʊnɛs/; born January 17, 1999) is an American actor and singer. A veteran of musical theatre, she rose to prominence for her starring roles in the CBS All Access (later Paramount+) series Star Trek: Picard (2020), including Soji, android “daughter” of Data.

Is Soji a Borg?

However, Soji is actually aboard the Borg Cube controlled by the Romulans, which they call “the Artifact”, and it’s the site of the Romulan Reclamation Project where the pointy-eared villains are harvesting and selling Borg technology.

What is the Romulan secret?

The eighth episode of Star Trek: Picard, “Broken Pieces,” finally reveals why the Zhat Vash—a secret faction within the Romulan intelligence agency, the Tal Shiar—are so determined to kill Data’s “daughter,” Soji Asha (Isa Briones). Though Soji still lives, their mission so far has been a remarkable success.

How is DAHJ Data’s daughter?

Star Trek Theory: Data’s Daughter Dahj Is Alive & Will Be Picard Season 2’s Villain. Star Trek: Picard season 1 kicked off with the death of Dahj (Isa Briones), but season 2 could resurrect Dahj and set her on a path as a villain.

Who is Dahj mother?

In Episode 20 of All The Asians on Star Trek, we welcome actress Sumalee Montano. She appeared in three episodes of Star Trek: Picard as “Marisol Asha,” the mother (maybe?) of Dahj and Soji.

What is wrong with Picard’s mom?

Through the new memories, Picard learned that his mother had some unnamed mental illness, and the “mistreatment” was merely his father Maurice doing his best to keep his wife and his son safe.

Was Picard’s father abusive?

It’s established in Star Trek: The Next Generation season 4, episode 2 “Family” that Picard’s father was a harsh man, whose rules Jean-Luc always broke, much to the chagrin of his brother Robert. Robert’s resentment of Jean-Luc eventually boils over into violence and reconciliation.

Did Jurati create the Borg?

Jurati creates a new kind of Borg After merging with the Borg Queen (Annie Wersching) from an alternate 2401, Agnes Jurati (Alison Pill) is now a new kind of Borg Queen. But, pivotally, Jurati wins an internal debate with the Queen’s consciousness in her own mind.

Is Soji datas daughter?