Who is the winner of Super Singer Season 6?

Who is the winner of Super Singer Season 6?

Senthil Ganesh
The Grand finale was held on 15 July 2018 and was a live telecast through Star Vijay. Golden voice Rakshitha, Sreekanth, Shakthi, Anirudh, Malavika and Senthil Ganesh were the final 6 contestants. Folk singer Senthil Ganesh emerged as the title winner of the show who also got a chance to sing in A.R.

Who is the winner of Super Singer 7 Telugu?

Lolla Venkata Revanth Kumar Sharma (born 10 February 1990), known mononymously as L. V. Revanth, is an Indian playback singer, known for his songs in Telugu language. He also won Rock Star, Spicy Singer on Maa TV and Superstar of the South.

Who is the 2nd winner of Super Singer 7?


Name Hometown Notes
Mookuthi Murugan Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu WINNER
Vikram Sai Prasad Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu 1st Runner-Up
Sam Vishal Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu 2nd Runner-Up
Punya Selva London, United Kingdom 2nd Runner-Up

Who is eliminated in Super Singer Junior 8?

Super Singer Junior 8 Elimination

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Ramanaa Eliminated (10 April 2022)
2 Vyga Eliminated (5 March 2022)
3 Rihana 1st Runner-up
4 Srimathi Eliminated (18 June 2022)

Who is the second winner of Super Singer 7?

Is Priyanka Deshpande single?

Priyanka got married to her long term boyfriend Praveen Kumar in 2016.

Who is the first winner of Idea Star Singer?

Key people

Season Aired from Winners
1 22 April 2006 Arun Raj, Kavita Jayaram
2 21 May 2007 Najim Arshad
3 28 April 2008 Vivekanand, Sonia
4 27 April 2009 Joby John

Who is Super Singer Season 8 winner?

Sridhar Sena
Sridhar Sena was announced the Winner of the Super Singer Season 8 and received a 10 lakh award by Vijay TV.

Who are the 5 finalist of Super Singer 8?

Super Singer 8 Contestants List

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
3 Abhilash V. 2nd Runner-up
4 Anu Anand Eliminated (Grand Finale)
5 Kabhini Mithra Eliminated (20th Mar 2021)
6 Sushmita Narasimhan Eliminated (27th Feb 2021)

Is singer Priyanka a doctor?

Priyanka NK of Super Singer fame is quite a talented individual. She completed the dentistry course and became a dentist. Priyanka is all excited to complete her dentistry course.