Who are the Whitelock brothers?

Who are the Whitelock brothers?

Luke WhitelockAdam WhitelockGeorge Whitelock
Sam Whitelock/Brothers

Was Adam Whitelock an All Black?

Despite never playing for the All Blacks Adam was the only brother to play for the All Blacks Sevens team. Notably he was also the only brother to play in the backs. All four Whitelock boys were educated in Fielding and played their junior rugby for Palmerston North High School Old Boys’ Rugby Football Club.

Who is Sam Whitelock married to?

Hannah LawtonSam Whitelock / Spouse

All four of the Whitelock brothers were educated in Feilding. Sam Whitelock is married to Hannah Lawton and became a father to their first child in 2017.

Is Kayla Whitelock related to Sam?

The duo have a second child on the way, but were determined to get their gym off the ground before their baby arrived. The idea for the gym came from Kayla’s brother Sam Sharland, who is a member of an F45 gym in Australia. “They were like: ‘You have to get on to this. It is a pretty big movement’,” she said.

Who is Kayla Whitelock married to?

George WhitelockKayla Whitelock / Spouse (m. 2013)

How tall is Sam Whitelock feet?

6′ 8″Sam Whitelock / Height

Is Brodie Retallick married?

Niki ThompsonBrodie Retallick / Spouse (m. 2015)

Is Kayla Whitelock a Maori?

Whitelock was born in Palmerston North, and is of Rangitāne descent.

What is Kayla whitelocks maiden name?

Kayla Marie Whitelock MNZM (née Sharland, born 30 October 1985) is a New Zealand field hockey player, and former captain of the New Zealand women’s national field hockey team (the Black Sticks Women)….Kayla Whitelock.

Personal information
Born 30 October 1986 Palmerston North, New Zealand

How tall is Scott Barrett?

6′ 6″Scott Barrett / Height

Who was the shortest All Black?

5: At just 1.60 metres tall (5 foot 2) Alan ‘Ponty’ Reid is the shortest player to ever play for the All Blacks.

Where is Brodie Retallick now?

Hawke’s BayChiefs
Brodie Retallick/Current teams

How old is Samuel Whitelock?

33 years (October 12, 1988)Sam Whitelock / Age

How many kids does Brodie Retallick have?

8. Retallick married Niki Thompson, a nurse, in 2015 at Waipukurau vineyard owned by John Ashworth. The pair’s first child Sienna was born in 2016 and another daughter Frankie May in 2018.

How much does Brodie Retallick weigh?

267 lbsBrodie Retallick / Weight

Is Kayla Whitelock married to?