Which book is best for 11 chemistry?

Which book is best for 11 chemistry?


  • NCERT Chemistry.
  • Physical Chemistry by O.P. Tandon.
  • Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd for Organic Chemistry.
  • Modern’s ABC of Chemistry for class 11th and 12th.
  • Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J. D. Lee for Inorganic Chemistry.
  • Dinesh Chemistry.

Is Pradeep is a good book for chemistry class 11?

This book is the best. Also content is superb. Also best for neet and Jee exams.

Is Pradeep a good book for chemistry?

Answer. It is a good book to understand the theory and concepts but for JEE Main and BITSAT you need to work beyond Pradeep. You can use OP Tandon for your prepartaion. To score good marks in chemistry make sure your basics are clear.

Is Pradeep chemistry better than modern ABC?

Goodreads rates Modern ABC Chemistry at 4.06 whereas Modern ABC scores 3.8 based on student reviews. Generally goodreads is a good measure of what students say on the book. Pradeep’s Physics gets a thumbs up with 4.45 although number of raters are less. Similarly Pradeep’s Chemistry gets a high rating of 4.5.

Is Pradeep Chemistry good for JEE mains?

Yes Pradeep is good for JEE Main. Specially Inorganic and Physical.

Is Pradeep Chemistry good for NEET?

Answer. Hi Sagar, The two volumes of Pradeep’s Chemistry book will do great for the preparation of NEET. It is also better to have an extra reference book other than the usual one you use…

Is Pradeep Chemistry enough for JEE?

Is Modern ABC Good for boards?

Yes, Modern ABC is good reference book for securing marks in boards.

Is Pradeep enough for JEE advance?

Ans: No, because JEE Advanced asks conceptual questions and concepts of that level can’t be cleared just with the help of NCERT. Ques. 2 What are the best IIT JEE books for preparation?

Is MS Chauhan good for JEE Advanced?

MS Chauhan Organic Chemistry is a good book to prepare Organic chemistry . This book is well organised and it contains only relevant topics that are related to syllabus of organic chemistry in IIT JEE . It is specially prepared for IIT JEE and other engineering entrance examinations.

Is ABC of Physics good?

Modern ABC for physics is good as it has concepts explained with clarity and an ample number of questions for practice. It will be good if you stick to a single book for physics but just supplement ie=t with NCERT Physics Thinks to PONDER upon questions.

Which book is best for Class 12 chemistry?

How To Make A Common Prep Strategy For JEE Main, MHT CET

S.No. Names of reference books for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry
1 Pradeep’s New Course Chemistry for class XII (Vol I and II)
2 Modern’s ABC of Chemistry Class – 12 (Part 1 & 2)
3 Concise Inorganic Chemistry
4 Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations

Is Pradeep Physics good for class 11?

It’s a good choice. But only if all your basics and fundamentals are clear, should you use it. If they’re not, then go for Pradeep’s or SL Arora or Errorless.

Is Pradeep chemistry good for NEET?