Where does the number 4 bus go in London?

Where does the number 4 bus go in London?

London Buses route 4 is a Transport for London (TfL) contracted bus route in London, England. It runs between Archway and Blackfriars and is operated by Metroline….London Buses route 4.

Start Archway station
Via Tufnell Park Finsbury Park Angel St Paul’s
End Blackfriars

Where does S4 go?

The S4 bus (St Helier Station) has 40 stops departing from Wilson’s School (N) and ending in St Helier Station (MS).

What is the square route of 4?

U.S. Route 4 (US 4) is a 253-mile (407 km) long United States highway that runs from East Greenbush, New York, in the west to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, in the east, traversing Vermont. In New York, US 4 is signed North-South to reflect its alignment in the state.

Does the 4 go to Solihull?

The 4 bus (Solihull) has 39 stops departing from Church Centre (Stop Ms5) and ending in Solihull Station Interchange. 4 bus timetable overview: Normally starts operating at 01:00 and ends at 23:45. Normal operating days: everyday.

How much is the bus from Oxford to Banbury?

Information on this bus route

Daily Buses 1
Average Ticket Price £10
Minimum Trip Duration 40m
Average Bus Trip Duration 40m
Bus companies on this route CrossCountry, Great Western Railway, Chiltern Railways

Does the s4 bus run on bank holidays?

There is no service on Sundays or other public holidays.

Where does the No 4 bus stop in Birmingham?

Birmingham – Solihull via Sparkbrook, Tyseley, Acocks Green, Olton

Birmingham Church Centre (Stop MS5) 04:40 12:12
Birmingham Bus Mall (MS16) 04:41 12:14
Birmingham Bullring (PA3) 04:42 12:15
Digbeth Oxford St (Stop DS5) 04:43 12:16
Deritend, adj Gibb St 04:44 12:17

What is the value of 4 4?

Thus, 44 can be written as 4 × 4 × 4 × 4 = 256.

What zone is Wolverhampton in?

Get Crowd Alerts, delay info, live train times and more – all in our app….London Underground Zone 1-4 to Wolverhampton by train.

Distance miles ( km)
Departure station London Underground Zone 1-4
Arrival station Wolverhampton

What zone is Coventry?

The main places included in the West Midlands unlimited zone area are: Coventry City Centre. Binley.

How do you work out to the power of 4?

Formula – How to Calculate the 4th power of a number The exponent 4 of a number is found by multiplying that number by itself 4 times.