Where do pediatric cardiologists make the most money?

Where do pediatric cardiologists make the most money?

Pediatric Cardiologists make the most in San Francisco, CA at $227,299, averaging total compensation 50% greater than the US average.

What does a pediatric cardiology do?

Pediatric cardiologists specialize in diagnosing and treating heart problems in children. In those children who might need heart surgery, pediatric cardiologists work closely with pediatric heart surgeons to determine the best treatments and interventions. A number of heart conditions can affect children.

What is the job outlook for a cardiologist?

In “the latest study by AAMC, 60 percent of all cardiologists are over 55, and by 2030, we could be short by 120,000,” Biga said. “It is projected that we will need 18 percent more [cardiologists] annually between 2013 and 2025.” By 2034, people 65 and older will account for 42 percent of the need for physicians.

How is pediatric cardiology different?

Their practice is different from that of heart doctors who treat adults. Pediatric cardiologists primarily treat problems with a child’s heart’s structure or rhythm. A pediatric cardiologist will work with your child’s regular pediatrician or another primary care provider. Pediatric cardiologists don’t do surgery.

What is the highest paying type of cardiologist?

Electrophysiologists ($678,495) and interventional physicians ($674,910) are the highest-paid cardiologists, according to a new report from MedAxiom.

How much do pediatric cardiologists make?

How much does a Pediatric Cardiologist make in the United States? The average Pediatric Cardiologist salary in the United States is $289,900 as of May 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $241,400 and $369,000.

Who was the first pediatric cardiologist?

Dr Helen Taussig is considered the mother of pediatric cardiology, as she was the pioneer who established the subspecialty as such. In the early 1900’s there were no pediatric cardiologists.

What should I do after 12 to become a cardiologist?

Steps leading to the cardiologist are as follows:

  1. Earns a bachelor degree with MBBS after 10+2.
  2. Get the admission in PG course leading to Doctor of Medicine (MD) in general medicine.
  3. After finishing three-year degree of MD, go for the super specialty course of 3-year DM in Cardiology to be a Cardiologist.

What are the pros and cons of being a cardiologist?

Pros and cons of becoming a cardiologist

  • Pay. Doctors’ salaries are high in the United States; it’s one reason why everyone’s mother wants them to become a doctor.
  • Respect. “Doctor” is the most-respected profession in the United States.
  • Save lives.
  • Specialization.
  • Cost.
  • Time.
  • Hours.
  • Bearer of bad news.