Where do I get battlemage armor?

Where do I get battlemage armor?

The Battlemage armor set can be taken by defeating the battlemage enemy in Altus Plateau and is not connected to any questline or dungeon like most of the other good armor sets in the game. You simply stroll to the Battlemage, defeat him, and get his armor; Of course, the battle itself is not a leisurely stroll.

Where do I get the flames of the Inquisition armor?

Upon reaching Skyhold, tier 2 and tier 3 armor schematics will be available in the Undercroft.

Where is the hissing wastes merchant?

This merchant is located in the Canyon east of the Canyon Inquisition Camp, north of the Canyon Tomb and beneath the Canyon Overlook landmark.

How do I get the Inquisitor helmet?


  1. Random loot from tier 2 chests.
  2. Available at Emporium’s Schematics in the Black Emporium for 237 .

Can Mages wear medium armor Dai?

Yes! You can equip any kind of armor to any class if it is embedded with a Fade Touched Silverite.

Where can I farm silverite?

Emprise du Lion has two convenient places to farm Silverite. One is Alphonse’s Passage near the Highgrove Camp. The other is on the eastern side of Judicael’s Crossing (once it has been restored) and on the path from Pools of the Sun toward Leotine’s Steward. Silverite can abundantly be found in the Frostback Basin.

What armor can BOC alter?

Boc the Seamster Location in Elden Ring At all the following locations, Boc can be given the Gold Sewing Needle, if you’re carrying alterable boss armor (e.g. Radahn’s Lion Armor).

What does battlemage Hugues give you?

Battlemage Hugues Attacks Glintstone Bomb – Hugues launches a large ball of Glintstone that explodes on impact.

Where is battlemage Hughes?

Battlemage Hugues is a Boss in Elden Ring. Battlemage Hugues is a Haima Battlemage and is found in Sellia Evergaol, in central Caelid north from Sellia. This is an optional boss as players don’t need to defeat it to advance in Elden Ring.