When did Stone Cold come back?

When did Stone Cold come back?

WrestleMania 38: Stone Cold Steve Austin Makes Long-Awaited Return to WWE with ‘The Stunner’ With the iconic sound of shattering glass, Stone Cold Steve Austin made his return to the WWE in front of a screaming crowd of fans at WrestleMania 38 in Arlington, Texas, on Saturday.

When did Austin return in 2000?

Austin appeared at Backlash 2000, attacking Triple H and Vince McMahon to help The Rock reclaim the WWF Championship. At Unforgiven, Austin made his official return. The company, meanwhile, tried to find out who ran him down at Survivor Series the previous year.

Is Stone Cold Steve Austin making a comeback?

Why will Stone Cold Steve Austin make his return at Wrestlemania 38? The legend will return following a back-and-forth between him and Kevin Owens. Owens fooled fans on a recent WWE Raw by coming out to Austin’s theme. Fans were understandably shocked to see Owens appear in Austin’s stead.

Why did Stone Cold turn heel in 2001?

After bringing back “The Old Stone Cold” to WWE fight ECW and WCW’s forces, Austin would swerved his friends. He (re)turned heel to join The Alliance. Austin provided a rationale afterward that McMahon had shown favoritism to other Superstars like Kurt Angle, and he knew that WWE was trying to bring back The Rock.

Was Vince McMahon at Owen Hart’s funeral?

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon attended the funeral along with his family. Vince was shown in news footage shaking Hulk Hogan’s hand at the funeral, who at the time was signed with rivals World Championship Wrestling. Val Venis, Triple H and Chyna attending Owen Hart’s funeral, 1999.

Who was more popular Austin or Rock?

Austin was indeed a star, but when it came to popularity, Johnson clearly was more “over” with the fans. His pops are unmatched. Arguably the best mic worker in professional wrestling history. Stone Cold Steve Austin is last decade’s John Cena.

Has Roman Reigns lost his title?

Roman Reigns’ US Title Loss on Raw Sets Up Championship Win at WWE Royal Rumble. Roman Reigns losing the United States Championship to Chris Jericho on Monday’s episode of Raw will make a portion of the WWE Universe happy, but dropping the title could be a sign of bigger things to come.