What should be the width of a fireguard?

What should be the width of a fireguard?

A standard fireguard is one which measures at least 9metres wide on either side of a boundary line/fence. It then follows that between two properties, the fireguard becomes at least 18metres wide.

How do you attach a fireguard to the wall?

The wall plug and eyelet screw are fixed into the wall on each side of the fireguard. The spring clip is then looped through the eyelet and fireguard to secure in place. The spring clip can be released to move the fireguard to replenish the stove as needed, but this is not easily managed by small fingers.

What is a fireguard made of?

Handmade by us in Bath, Somerset, from zinc galvanized solid steel, the Traditional Fireguard is available in satin Black painted finish or Aged zinc for a mellower patina, and the Contemporary Fireguards are available in a satin Anthracite Grey painted finish.

Do you need fireguard for log burner?

One of the most common questions asked once a wood burner is installed in the home is ‘Do I need a fireguard for my wood burner? ‘ Whilst it is personal choice as to whether or not you choose to install a wood burner guard, we do recommend it in homes with young children.

What are the benefits of a fireguard?

View the FireGuard™ Material Safety Data Sheet….Benefits

  • Helps provide fire protection for all species and treatments of timber utility poles.
  • Helps reduce annual cost for brush control and pole repairs.
  • Safe to apply.
  • Clean up with soap and water.

How do you make a fireguard?

To construct the fireguards by employing prescribed burning one should develop fire traces first. A fire is a narrow strip cleared on either side of a fireguard to facilitate burning. Fire traces help to stop fire encroachment into the unwanted zones/areas.

How far away should a fire guard be?

There are no specific regulations on what distance the fire guard or screen should be away from the heat source, however it is suggested between 40-70cm to ensure a pleasing aesthetic whilst also providing safety.

What is the purpose of a fireguard?

A fire screen or fireguard began as a form of furniture that acted as a shield between the occupants of a room and the fireplace, and its primary function was to reduce the discomfort of excessive heat from a log fire.

Do you need a fire guard with a log burner?

What is a fire guard?

1 : a person who watches for the outbreak of fire also : a person whose duty is to extinguish fires. 2 : fire screen. 3 : firebreak.

What are the benefits of having a fire guard?

The fire watch safety guards know all the aspects of your commercial property due to their routine patrolling services. They are also well aware of all the safety exits present inside the building. They possess vast knowledge of utilizing different fire protection systems and equipment.

Who invented FireGuard?

Robert Sorensen –
Robert Sorensen – CEO/Founder – FireGuard | LinkedIn.

Who made fireguard?