What is the tribe of Diana marua?

What is the tribe of Diana marua?

Diana Marua Tribe Diana Marua is luo and her father is from Migori County.

How many adopted children does Bahati have?

As you are all aware Bahati adopted Morgan from ABC Children’s Home and later adopted two more kids Purity and Rose as a way of giving back to the community. So 3 adopted kids plus his biological daughters Mueni and Heaven make him a father of 5 at just 24.

Where did Bahati built his house?

A tour of the house hosted by YouTuber Lilian Kahoi in May 2021 showed that the house is located at Kamakis along the Eastern Bypass. Its main entrance opens into a dining room which borders an open-plan kitchen with inbuilt appliances such as a dishwasher, oven, burners, and microwave.

Who is Yvette Obura?

Singer Bahati’s baby mama Yvette Obura is opening up on her healing journey since breaking up with the artiste. Yvette says it took her four years to move on and eventually get over her grudge with her baby daddy Bahati and Diana Marua. Yvette Obura with her baby daddy Bahati and their daughter Mueni.

How does Bahati make money?

He has built a long successful career for himself in the Kenyan music industry. His work in the industry has been appreciated by many awarding institutions across Kenya and the world at large. His achievements in music also earned him a place among the richest musicians in Kenya.

Did Bahati adopt Morgan?

Award-winning singer Bahati whose real name is Kevin Kioko revealed why he did not want to indulge in a romantic relationship shortly after adopting his son Morgan. Taking to social media, Bahati in a long candid post recalled Morgan’s adoption and says he avoided dating to protect him.

Why did Bahati adopt Morgan?

After the show the 2 Year old Morgan cried to go home with me and he did not want to go back to the Orphanage where he lived after the demise of the parents😢,” revealed the singer. Due to how emotional the situation was, Bahati decided to adopt the child despite not being financially stable nor being eligible to adopt.

How much does Bahati new house cost?

Gospel singer Bahati claims his new house cost KSh 10 million.

Who is Mama mueni to Bahati?

Before taking responsibility for them, Bahati sought to establish that she was his daughter. They performed a DNA test whose results proved Mueni was his blood. This marked the change in the relationship between Yvette and Bahati to a cordial one.

Why did Yvette obura break up with Bahati?

Asked why she and Bahati broke up, Yvette explained that after delivering her child, she gradually fell out of love with her daughters’ father and, because of this, decided to set him free to look for love elsewhere. “Nothing serious happened between us to cause for us to break up.

How did Bahati adopt Morgan?