What is the movie The Jerk Theory about?

What is the movie The Jerk Theory about?

After being dumped by his girlfriend, aspiring musician Adam decides that nice guys finish last. Believing that girls are more attracted to nasty fellas, he resolves to become a cocky, insensitive jerk. However, when Adam meets the girl of his dreams, she is less than impressed with his obnoxious persona.The Jerk Theory / Film synopsis

Where can I watch The Jerk Theory?

Vudu – The Jerk Theory Scott S. Anderson, Josh Henderson, Jenna Dewan, Tom Arnold, Watch Movies & TV Online.

How do you become a jerk movie?

The Jerk1979The Jerk, Too1984
The Jerk/Movies

What did jerk originally mean?

This “jerk” was known from the mid-1500s, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Originally the verb “jerk” meant to strike or lash, as with a whip or a switch, and the noun “jerk” meant such a stroke or lash, Oxford says. The word in both forms—verb and noun—was “apparently echoic” in origin, the OED says.

Where did the jerk come from?

Since 2009, jerkin’ gained fans along the West Coast and, as of 2009, was gaining popularity in the East Coast….Jerkin’

Stylistic origins West Coast hip hop hyphy
Cultural origins Late 2000s; Inland Empire; Los Angeles, California

How do I know if I’m being a jerk?

Jerks are people who culpably fail to appreciate the perspectives of the people around them, treating others as tools to be manipulated or fools to be dealt with, rather than as moral and epistemic peers.

What are the characteristics of a jerk?

Do you need to be a jerk to be successful?

It doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk, but it’s one potential consequence. The best path is to be wise and know the type of success you are looking for, then take stock of where you are making sacrifices. If not being seen as a jerk is important to you, you’ll have to adjust a little bit how you deal with others.

How do you tell if you’re being a jerk?