What is the best treatment for broken ribs?

What is the best treatment for broken ribs?

In most cases, a fractured rib will heal on its own in about six weeks. Doctors no longer prescribe compression wraps for rib fractures, because they can restrict breathing, leading to pneumonia, or even a partial lung collapse. Pain management is important, especially in the first few days after an injury.

Should you go to the hospital for a broken rib?

Rib fractures can cause other significant injuries to internal organs (lungs, liver, spleen). You should seek immediate medical attention if you have any of these symptoms: Moderate to severe pain. Difficulty breathing or feeling short of breath.

Do you need to go to the doctor for a broken rib?

If you think you’ve broken or fractured a rib, you should see a doctor for evaluation. Depending on your symptoms, a doctor may order an X-ray or CT scan. Symptoms of a broken rib include: Pain that worsens when breathing, coughing or moving around.

What happens if a broken rib goes untreated?

When untreated, rib fractures will lead to serious short-term consequences such as severe pain when breathing, pneumonia and, rarely, death. Long-term consequences include chest wall deformity, chronic pain and decreased lung function.

What is the best position to sleep with broken ribs?

Sleeping While Sitting Upright Ideally, this is the best sleep position for patients with a broken rib. This position can help your ribs heal quickly than lying down on the bed. Sleeping while lying down may exert unwanted pressures on the spine, which might be transferred to the ribs.

Can a broken rib heal on its own?

In most cases, broken ribs usually heal on their own in one or two months. Adequate pain control is important so that you can continue to breathe deeply and avoid lung complications, such as pneumonia.

Is it OK to walk with a fractured rib?

Most broken ribs resolve within six weeks. You’ll need to take it easy during this time, but you should still be able to walk around and do your daily activities. If you find that the pain isn’t getting any better, see a doctor to rule out any additional injuries that could be causing your symptoms.

Is a heating pad good for fractured ribs?

Put ice or a cold pack on the area for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. Put a thin cloth between the ice and your skin. After 2 or 3 days, if your swelling is gone, put a heating pad set on low or a warm cloth on your chest. Some doctors suggest that you go back and forth between hot and cold.

Do broken ribs hurt more when lying down?

Sleeping while lying down may exert unwanted pressures on the spine, which might be transferred to the ribs. This, in turn, causes the ribs to ache, making it difficult to get out of bed. When in this sleep position, ensure you have a pillow at your head and beneath your arms.

How long does it take for a broken rib to stop hurting?

What is the best medicine for rib pain?

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as naproxen, diclofenac, ibuprofen or aspirin. Strong painkillers containing codeine or dihydrocodeine.

Do fractured ribs get worse before they get better?

The worst pain is usually the first 1-2 weeks and gets gradually better after that. Healing time also depends on the person.

How do you know if your ribs are broken or cracked?

Your doctor might order one or more of these:

  1. X-ray: About 75% of all broken ribs are detected through x-ray.
  2. CT Scan: This type of image shows fractures that do not appear on X-rays.
  3. MRI: Like a CT scan, these images can show fractures that X-rays miss.