What is space systems Operations?

What is space systems Operations?

It’s the responsibility of Space Systems Operations specialist to do everything from detecting sea-launched ballistic missiles and tracking satellites to assisting in rocket launches and space flight operations.

How much does a space system operator make?

The average salary for a Space Operator is $54,343 per year in United States, which is 32% lower than the average US Air Force salary of $80,787 per year for this job.

How do you become a space operations officer?


  1. MINIMUM EDUCATION. Any Bachelor or Master of Science degree.
  2. QUALIFICATIONS. Knowledge of space systems, policies and related areas. Completion of the prerequisite Undergraduate Space Training (UST) Completion of required specialty courses. Normal color vision.

What does the Space Force pay?

The typical United States Space Force Military Officer salary is $107,245 per year. Military Officer salaries at United States Space Force can range from $65,701 – $133,211 per year.

Who is the oldest person in the Army?

Norman Marous at the time of his retirement, was the oldest, longest-serving noncommissioned officer then on active duty in the United States Air Force, with 41-1/2 years of service….Norman Marous.

Chief Master Sergeant Norman Marous
Years of service 1962–2003
Rank Chief Master Sergeant

Do I have to cut my hair to join the military?

New male recruits have virtually no hair at all, those who have been there a week or two have a little bit of stubble, and those who are getting ready to graduate have an inch or so of hair showing. Except for the Navy, women do not have to get their hair cut.

Why do you have to cut your hair in the Army?

Originally, one of the reasons for the induction haircut was to reduce the chances of disease among closely quartered recruits from different geographical areas (with varying immunities), such as head lice. Furthermore, short hair also prevents the enemy from grabbing a soldier with long hair and slashing his/her neck.