What is R7 zoning in NYC?

What is R7 zoning in NYC?

R7 districts are medium-density apartment house districts mapped in much of the Bronx as well as the Upper West Side in Manhattan and Brighton Beach in Brooklyn.

Does NYC require front yard and side yard setbacks?

Front yards must be at least 15 feet deep. Two side yards with a minimum combined width of 13 feet are required for a detached residence; one eight-foot side yard is required for each semi-detached residence. All parking must be located in the side or rear yard or in the garage.

What is R7A zoning in NYC?

R7A Zoning is a Contextual Residential Zoning District in NYC. This is a multifamily residential zone with medium sized buildings. As a contextual zone it is required to follow the Quality Housing Program Zoning Regulations.

What is quality housing NYC?

The quality Housing Program is a set of zoning regulations that intend to maintain the existing character of neighborhoods by giving incentives to developers with potentially higher building floor areas.

How high can you build in NYC?

New York City does not generally limit building heights, but instead controls bulk and density by what’s called the floor area ratio (FAR). This means that a residential developer can build nine times the square feet of the lot area in an R-9 district.

What is the distance between the lot line and the building line called?

(1) Front Yard: Is an open space extending the full width of the lot, the depth of which is the minimum horizontal distance between the front lot line and the nearest line of the main building.

What is a setback in zoning?

Setback can be explained as the minimum open space required around any building or structure. Municipal regulations provide that a specific distance should be maintained between a building and the boundary of the plot on which the building is being constructed.

What is inclusionary housing NYC?

The Inclusionary Housing Program (IHP) is designed to preserve and promote affordable housing within neighborhoods where zoning has been modified to encourage new development.

What is dwelling unit factor?

The allowable residential square footage of the building is divided by the density factor to determine the allowable number of units. These factors vary in different zoning districts. Density factor is also known as Dwelling Unit Factor or DU.

Are Adu legal in NYC?

ADUs are units that are either attached or detached to an existing home on a single lot, including garage apartments, basement apartments, in-law suites, casitas, and other types of housing. Throughout the New York metro region, ADUs are gaining greater legal permissibility.

What is B6 zoning Central Coast?

B6 – Enterprise Corridor Zones The future character of the B6 –Enterprise Corridor Zone is to present an activity centre with an attractive presentation to the Pacific Highway corridor and gateway locations where development incentives are available.