What is MiCollab app?

What is MiCollab app?

About this app It extends the “in-office experience” to any location. Make phone calls, search your corporate directory, IM contacts, check corporate voice mail, change your status, and more, directly from your Android device.

How do I download MiCollab client?

MiCollab Client Install

  1. Download the Windows MiCollab PC installer located in the Deployment email. (+)
  2. Open your downloads folder and launch the micollab_pc.msi.
  3. Accept the agreement terms. (+)
  4. Click Install.
  5. Check the Launch box and click Finish.

How do I turn off MiCollab?

Right-click and select Quit MiCollab from the system tray to log off from MiCollab for PC Client.

What is the latest version of MiCollab?

MiCollab Release 9.0 delivers several new capacities designed to enhance the overall user experience of Mitel’s suite of Next-Generation clients and expand the ability to address the needs of organisations today and in the future. The core enhancements within Release 9.0 include.

How do I get my MiCollab authentication code?

Click on the QR code and it will authorize your MiCollab on your desktop. When you are prompted for a password, use your regular FVTC password….Mitel | Generating a MiCollab Authorization Key.

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How do I find my MiCollab authentication key?

1. Go to the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store to download the MiCollab App 2. Once the app is installed, select accept to agree to the license agreement 3. You will be prompted for an authentication key on the new app on your phone.

How do I transfer a call with MiCollab?

While on an active MiCollab audio call, select Transfer from the more ( ) menu. Choose a contact or enter a name or telephone number in the search box. Select the required contact and click Consultation Call ( ) for a Supervised transfer or Blind Transfer ( ) for an Unsupervised transfer.

What do MiCollab icons mean?

The Presence indicator provides contacts’ status and their presence and availability for voice and chat functions. Circles indicate that a contact is available for chat and the phone icons indicate that only contact’s voice presence is known.

How do I logout of MiCollab mobile app?

Log out from MiCollab Client

  1. Right-click the MiCollab Client icon in the and select Quit MiCollab.
  2. Click the Close icon () to minimize the Client to the system tray. Right-click and select Quit MiCollab from the .

How do I logout of MiCollab app?

Click Log Out at the top of the page. The MiCollab Web Client provides an intuitive interface with access to the following features: Dynamic Status: Displays your current status and allows you to change, add, edit, and delete Dynamic Statuses.

How do I update my MiCollab client?

Server and Client Upgrades To upgrade MiCollab Client, download and install a new MiCollab Client Service software blade. The blade contains the client software . msi file. This file must be deployed to users to complete the upgrade.

How do I log into MiCollab?

Enter the supplied MiCollab login ID and password and check “Remember me” and “Log me in automatically”. The default password is 1Q&8Ja&9BnC! Click “Log in”. You will be prompted to change your password the first time you log in.

How do I get a MiCollab QR Code?

1. Select Settings > General > Self Deployment on MiCollab Client (PC, MAC, or Web Client). 2. A temporary QR code is generated on the Client and displayed on the screen.

How do I logout of Mitel connect client?

Windows PC

  1. Click the up arrow on the task bar, near the system time in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  2. Right-click on the Mitel Connect icon.
  3. Click Exit.

How do I logout of MiCollab on Mac?

Use the MiCollab Client credentials provided in the Welcome e-mail message to log on to the MiCollab MAC Desktop Client. Click Exit from the main menu to log off of the MiCollab MAC Desktop Client.

How do I access Mitel?

Access the Cloud Portal at https://portal.shoretelsky.com. When the Sign in to Mitel screen appears, enter your username, which is usually set to your business email address, and click Next. Note that your username is managed in the Personal Information screen of the Portal.

How do I log into my Mitel phone?

  1. Press the Services button (globe icon) to display the Login screen.
  2. Enter your full 10-digit phone number in the “Subscriber” field.
  3. Use the blue toggle button to move to the “Password” field below.
  4. Enter your phone/voicemail PIN.
  5. Press the “Accept” soft key.

What does Mitel Connect do?

Mitel Connect for Android, one of the Connect for Mobile apps, extends voice and unified communications applications to your Android devices and integrates with your PBX to enable VoIP and cellular calling. This app enables you to use your own mobile device for both business and personal phone calls.