What is Jostens number?

What is Jostens number?

(800) 567-8367Jostens / Customer service

What is SunCast metal?

SunCast Same characteristics as White Lustrium, but yellow in color because of coating with 23 karat yellow gold. Silver Elite. A precious metal alloy primarily. composed of silver with elements of palladium and gold, coated with a rhodium plating.

How do I unlock a page on Jostens Yearbook Avenue?

To unlock any or all elements, highlight the element and click the Padlock button. The padlock toggles on and off. You can lock pages on the Page Ladder so they cannot be edited in the Page Designer. The bigger padlocks at the top and bottom of the pages mean the page lock is from the Page Ladder.

What is Jostens Renaissance?

Jostens Renaissance Education is designed to inspire, motivate, and renew a climate and culture of character, connection of stakeholders, and celebration of achievement while addressing the needs, challenges, and concerns in today’s schools. These are proven ideas to impact school climate and culture!

How can I find old yearbooks online?


  1. AccessGenealogy.com has a nice collection of yearbooks, and they are completely free to search and to view.
  2. Hathi Trust Digital Library has currently 610 items that show up under the search “school yearbook.” Always worth checking out to find yours.

Is there a way to order old yearbooks?

Talk to the folks in the main office as well as the librarian. Libraries often hold onto unsold copies. If the office or library has books available, submit the requisite fee and provide your shipping address to the librarian to order your yearbook.

Does Jostens have lifetime warranty?

Jostens® provides the following repairs free of charge, covered under your class jewelry’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. *Please note that service & delivery are not included. Jostens will always clean and polish your jewelry at no cost to you.

How do I download pictures from Jostens Yearbook Avenue?

Download Photos

  1. Click to highlight the Activity category which contains the images.
  2. Click Download over the thumbnail panel.
  3. A pop-up will prompt to Open or Save the file.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Select a location on your computer to save your download.

What is Renaissance in school?

Renaissance is a nationwide program that rewards students for showing. academic excellence, adhering to attendance guidelines, and displaying. appropriate behavior. The goals of this program are to: increase overall grades, increase attendance, and promote a positive learning environment.

Is there a way to look up old school yearbooks?

Online services like YearbookFinder.com, Classmates.com, Yearbook.org, and e-Yearbooks.com allow you to search their archives for physical scans of yearbooks as well as photographs, dates, and names in the yearbooks. These tools are easy to use and access online.

Should I wear my class ring?

While you are still in school, be it high school or college, you should wear the ring so the insignia is facing toward you (in other words, you can read the name of your school when looking down at your hand).