What is FUNDERMAX material?

What is FUNDERMAX material?

FunderMax Exterior is a high-quality exterior rainscreen cladding product. Available in large format panels, it is perfect for creating long lasting rainscreen facades and for cladding balconies. FunderMax Exterior panels are duromer high-pressure laminates (HPL) as per EN 438-6, type EDF.

Where is Fundermax manufactured?

Fundermax has five manufacturing plants in Austria utilizing the latest manufacturing technology to be the industry leader in laminate panel production.

What is the cost of Fundermax?

Fundermax Exterior Grade High Pressure Laminates, Thickness (mm): 6mm, Rs 550/square feet | ID: 19743130748.

Is Fundermax sheet waterproof?

Being a trustworthy name in the industry, we are able to offer a superior quality array of Fundermax Wooden Cladding Sheet to our patrons….Exterior Fundermax Wooden Cladding Sheet.

Position Exterior
Features Water Proof
Material HPL
Fire Retardant Yes

Is HPL and Fundermax the same?

Fundermax is the leading global brand that manufactures exterior grade HPL ( High Pressure Laminate ) for cladding purpose.

How do you clean Fundermax?

Clean the surface just with pure hot water and use a soft sponge – (DO NOT use the abrasive “green” side of the sponge), use a soft cloth or a soft brush (e.g. nylon brush). If stains cannot be removed common household cleaners without abrasives e.g. dish detergent (Palmolive etc.), window cleaner (Windex etc.)

What is HPL cladding?

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) Cladding is a lightweight, durable, exterior facade material. We partner with Vivix by Formica to provide high quality exterior grade HPL and weather board cladding for building facades. This innovative, high quality and practical solution is ideal for many projects.

What is HPL laminate sheet?

High Pressure Laminate (HPL) sheets are made by saturating layers of Kraft paper into phenolic resin and then it is sandwiched between printed décor papers. They are compressed and baked under high heat making them strong, and beautiful for use.

Which company HPL is best?

Top High Pressure Laminates (HPL) Manufacturers in India

  • Fundermax.
  • Alfa Ica India Ltd.
  • Cedar Decor Private Limited.
  • Century Ply Ltd.
  • Eurotex Wood Pvt Ltd.
  • Green Future Solutions.
  • Greenlam Industries Ltd.
  • Merino Industries Ltd.

What is the difference between Fundermax and HPL?

Fundermax is the leading global brand that manufactures exterior grade HPL ( High Pressure Laminate ) for cladding purpose. Fundermax exterior grade HPL Panels are available in wide range of wooden and non-wooden decors to choose from.

What is Fundermax HPL?

Fundermax HPL panels are 100% weather proof and are available in various colours and textures raging from exotic wood decors to stone finishes to natural material and metallic. Fundermax HPL Panels can installed by Riveting ( MBE, Germany ), Gluing ( Dow Corning, Belgium ) and Lap Siding methods.

Is Fundermax an HPL sheet?

Fundermax manufactures the best quality High Pressure Laminates or commonly know as HPL panels for Facade cladding, Balcony and Ceiling cladding, Gate & Railing applications, Louvers, Rain Screens, etc.

What is a Trespa panel?

TRESPA Meteon® panels are a flat architectural panel, based on thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with wood based fibers and manufactured under high pressure and at high temperatures. The panels have an integrated decorative surface using proprietary EBC technology.

Which is best ACP or HPL sheet?

ACP is prone to scratches and not very easy to maintain whereas special scratch resistant HPL can be applied to surfaces for better maintenance. ACP, being metallic tends to lose shine whereas, HPL has optimal light fastness.

What is the price of HPL sheet?

Wooden HPL Sheet Price Range: Rs. 80-250 per square feet.

Which is better ACP or HPL?

If you are finding a cost-effective solution, then ACP sheets are for you. Although ACPs are comparatively less costly, note that they are comparatively less durable as well. If you are looking for highly durable material, then HPL is for you.