What is a spur line in oil and gas?

What is a spur line in oil and gas?

“spur-line” means a pipeline necessarily originating or branching out from the trunk or transmission pipeline or sub-transmission line or another spur line or from a terminal station on the existing transmission or trunk pipeline with diameter and capacity not greater than the trunk or transmission pipeline but having …

What’s a railroad spur?

Spur Track (Commonly Called Spur) A stub track that diverges from main or other tracks which provides access to industrial or commercial areas. It usually dead ends within an industry area.

What is the definition of a branch line?

Definition of branch line : a secondary line usually of a railroad.

What is a branch line economy?

Mr Danker characterised this as a situation where head offices were too often based in London with “the branch managers and the back-office based everywhere else”. “Instead of a branch-line economy – what we want is an economy of many hubs,” he said. “That means using all parts of the country to their full potential.”

What is a spur transmission line?

Spur transmission investments are the short, radial transmission lines that connect generators to the bulk transmission grid. Bulk transmission investments are the networked infrastructure investments that move power from all generators to all load centers across a geographic area.

What is a railroad trunk line?

Definition of trunk line 1 : a transportation system (such as an airline, railroad, or highway) handling long-distance through traffic. 2a : a main supply channel (as for gas or oil)

When did Thomas get his Branchline?

Thomas Gets His Own Branch Line is a book published by Random House between 2002 and 2004. It was illustrated by Tommy Stubbs.

Is the UK a free market?

The United Kingdom (UK) consists of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. This region practices a free market economy, which means that buyers and sellers have most of the decision-making power and are not restricted by government policies.

What is the purpose of a spur gear?

Spur gears are used to transfer motion and power from one shaft to another in a mechanical setup. This transference can alter machinery’s operating speed, multiply torque, and allow for the fine-tuned control of positioning systems.

Where is spur gear used?

Spur gears are used for a wide range of speed ratios in a variety of mechanical applications, such as clocks, electric screwdrivers, pumps, watering systems, material handling equipment, power plant machinery, and clothes washing and drying machines.

What does Chessie mean in CSX?

CSX Transportation (it’s name deriving with the “C” standing for Chessie, “S” for Seaboard, and “X” an all-encompassing multiplication symbol that “together we are so much more”) is the railroad division of CSX Corporation. The latter was originally created in 1980 as a holding company for several subsidiaries.

What does DPI mean in railroad?

Written By Alex Cowan. When we discuss security with many train operators, they often jump straight to deep packet inspection and firewalls.