What is a good win rate LOL?

What is a good win rate LOL?

It turns out Nidalee has the most improvement for player skill; she goes from 44.59% win rate for Silver players to 53.96% in Diamond, a gain of 9.37%….Champion win rates from Silver to Diamond.

Silver 48.01%
Gold 51.33%
Platinum 52.84%
Diamond 55.51%

What LOL character has the highest win rate?


Rank Champion Win Rate
#1 Ezreal 50.73%
#2 Lulu 52.45%
#3 Xin Zhao 51.43%
#4 Kayn 50.92%

What is a good Moba win rate?

If you’re at your skill lvl, you’ll have a winrate close to 50% and that’s good (no matter which rank). If you’re climbing, you need 55%+ wr imo to feel good. Winrate alone almost represents nothing. Ideally everyone should get to the point where he has an overall win rate of 50%.

What win rate is Smurf?


General stats
Record: 112W – 104L
Win Rate: 51.9%
KDA: 3.2
CS per Minute: 7.8

What is Yuumi Winrate?

Yuumi support has a 49.86% win rate in Platinum+ on Patch 12.10 coming in at rank 26 of 69 and graded B+ Tier on the LoL Tierlist.

What Lane has the highest win rate?

The traditional top lane champion has shot up the solo queue standings in recent patches, beating champions including Rumble (53.45 percent), Pantheon (52.97 percent), and Aurelion Sol (52.92 percent). In total this patch, Singed has been picked over 12,000 times in Platinum and above.

What is the average win rate in league?

Usually, each tier in League of Legends has about a 50% win rate with a small fluctuation of maybe 1 or 2 percent.

Is Lux a good champion?

Lux is a good starter champion for beginner midlaners, though often she has been flexed as a support. Either way, mastery of Lux’s combos, laning phase, and team fight role makes her a viable pick at nearly any rank.

Do remakes lower MMR?

There is no MMR loss for remaking, which means it’s better than playing another tier.

Is Smurf queue real?

Smurf queue does exist. It’s quite obvious when you make a new account and if you win consistently queue times become insanely high and then you’re put up with tons of other new accounts with high win rates thanks to your MMR putting you there.

Why is Yuumi Winrate so low?

Yuumi received a big nerf in patch 10.13 when Riot increased the mana cost of Zoomies (E), which greatly affected her sustain. Riot tried to balance her out by buffing Bop ‘N’ Block (P) in patch 10.15, but it was not enough to put Yuumi back at a balanced win rate.

Is Yuumi too op?

When Yuumi was first released she found little success in ranked play, debuting with the worst win-rate ever in fact, which Riot responded to with some quick buffs. At the highest level, she’s now even considered overpowered, almost universally being banned out in the professional leagues around the world.

What champion has the lowest pick rate?

Annie. Annie – Support, has a low pick rate of 0.31% – she’s the champion with the lowest pick-rate, actually. To us, this is a shock because we recall a point in time when Annie was continuously picked, and she dominated the bottom lane.

Who has the lowest Winrate in League of Legends?

If you’ve tried to lock in Ryze over the past few months in League of Legends, most players might find themselves on the receiving end of a defeat screen. In fact, the archmage has quickly become one of the worst champions in the game, tumbling to a 40 percent win rate during Patch 12.10, according to U.GG.