What is a good score on CEM 11+?

What is a good score on CEM 11+?

A “good” score varies depending on the school for which you are aiming. Scores for the 11 Plus exam are standardised scores, meaning the national average is around 100. The average for some areas can be as high as 111. The lowest score will be around 69 or 70 and the highest score is usually 140 or 141.

What is the pass mark for CEM?

What is the pass mark? The 11+ entrance exam is designed to identify pupils who would be suited to a grammar school education and as such does not refer to a ‘pass’ mark. A score of 111 or greater means that a pupil is eligible to be considered for a place in a grammar school if they applied.

Is Cem test easy?

CEM is also considered a more difficult test. Of their approach, CEM state that the test “aims to reduce any disadvantage created between children who are tutored for tests and those who are not. We firmly believe that children should not be tutored for our selection assessments.”

Is the CEM exam difficult?

It is important to note that the CEM exam is not easy. The average passing rate has consistently been about 70% for the past 20 years. However, most test participants say it is tough but fair. To pass this exam, you must be able to interpret real world problems and solve them during a 4-hour exam.

What percentage of children pass the 11plus?

around 80%
The average pass mark for an 11 Plus exam is around 80%. However, this is just an estimate. The pass mark for each year is decided by the school and/or exam board, depending on many factors.

How long does a it take to study for CEM?

Eligibility Criteria

4-year degree in technology, environmental science, physics, or earth science AND
4-year degree in business (or related field), or a 3-year advanced diploma along with a CET designation AND
2-year energy management associate’s degree AND
2-year technical associate’s degree AND

How is the CEM exam scored?

The exam-taker will have four hours to complete the CEM exam and the exam is scored on a scale of 0 – 1040 with 704 set as the minimum score required to pass the CEM exam.

What does a CAT score of 141 mean?

Students who score exactly as expected for their age group would be given a score of 100 (scores between 89 – 111 are considered to be within the “average” bracket). Scores of 112 and above are deemed above average and scores of 88 and below would be considered below average. SAS scores will range from 69 to 141.

What is a good standardised score?

Standardised scores The average score on most standardised tests is 100. Technically a score above 100 is above average and a score below 100 is below average. About two-thirds of pupils will have standardised scores between 85 and 115.

Is Cem hard?

Also, by not having these basic skills, the attendee will have an extremely difficult time completing the CEM certification exam. 30-40 minutes, your basic skills need quite a bit of work, and you will have a lot of difficulty in both CEM courses and subsequently the CEM exam.

Is CEM exam hard?