What does it mean to be Divinized?

What does it mean to be Divinized?

: the act, process, or an instance of investing with a divine character or of making into an object of worship : deification, glorification divinization of the state is a feature of his political thought.

What is deification in religion?

Theosis (Greek: θέωσις), or deification (deification may also refer to apotheosis, lit. “making divine”), is a transformative process whose aim is likeness to or union with God, as taught by the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Byzantine Catholic Churches.

What is glorification of the believer?

Glorification is the final stage of the ordo salutis and an aspect of Christian soteriology and Christian eschatology. It refers to the nature of believers after death and judgement, “the final step in the application of redemption.

What is the doctrine of Apocatastasis?

Batiffol, Pierre (1911), “Apocatastasis”, Catholic Encyclopedia (article) , defined apocatastasis as “a name given in the history of theology to the doctrine which teaches that a time will come when all free creatures shall share in the grace of salvation; in a special way, the devils and lost souls.”

What is deification in Christianity?

Deification (Greek theosis) is for Orthodoxy the goal of every Christian. Man, according to the Bible, is ‘made in the image and likeness of God. ‘ It is possible for man to become like God, to become deified, to become god by grace. This doctrine is based on many passages of both OT and NT (e.g. Ps.

What happens during glorification?

There are two events that occur during glorification, these are “the receiving of perfection by the elect before entering into the kingdom of heaven,” and “the receiving of the resurrection bodies by the elect”. Glorification is the third stage of Christian development.

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What is Catholic soteriology?

Soteriology is the branch of doctrinal theology that deals with salvation through Christ. Eternal life, divine life, cannot be merited but is a free gift of God.

What is Soteriological Christology?

In Christianity, soteriology is inextricably linked with Christology, for both fields centralize the significance of Christ as savior. Christian soteriology, then, developed vis-à-vis the process of defining doctrinally who Jesus is and what his life, death, and resurrection mean for humankind.