What DNS server is better than Google?

What DNS server is better than Google?

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What is the most secure DNS server?

The 5 Best DNS Servers for Improved Online Safety

  • Google Public DNS. IP Addresses: and
  • OpenDNS. IP Addresses: and
  • DNSWatch. IP Addresses: and
  • OpenNIC. IP Addresses: and
  • UncensoredDNS.

Can Google DNS be hacked?

Hackers create malware programs that can change your DNS server settings. For example, if your computer uses Google’s DNS servers and you want to go to your bank’s website, you type in the URL of your bank and expect to be taken to your bank’s official website.

Is Google the fastest DNS?

The fastest public DNS server—Google DNS—was only 10.3 percent faster than the default. So Google’s DNS server is clearly faster for me, but that might not be the case for you. This all depends on your ISP, which DNS server(s) it uses, and current network conditions. After setting my DNS to 8.8.

Is it OK to use Google DNS?

Google Public DNS is purely a DNS resolution and caching server; it does not perform any blocking or filtering of any kind, except that it may not resolve certain domains in extraordinary cases if we believe this is necessary to protect Google’s users from security threats.

Which DNS is best for ping?

Approach 2: Measure ping to find the DNS servers with the lowest ping

IP address of DNS server Average ping (ms) Minimum ping (ms) 12.9 11.9 14.9 14.5 15.4 15.0 17.3 15.8

Is Google DNS better for gaming?

When it comes to gaming, one of the best DNS servers is Google public DNS. First introduced in 2009 as part of the Giant search company’s “effort to make the web faster”, Google Public DNS offers better security (if not privacy) and a reliable service, which will help to improve your gaming experience.