What did Sir Francis Drake do as an explorer?

What did Sir Francis Drake do as an explorer?

Sir Francis Drake was an English explorer involved in piracy and illicit slave trading who became the second person ever to circumnavigate the globe. In 1577, Drake was chosen as the leader of an expedition intended to pass around South America, through the Strait of Magellan, and explore the coast that lay beyond.

Where did Sir Francis Drake explore?

He sailed to the West Indies and the coast of Florida and mercilessly plundered Spanish ports there, taking Santiago in the Cape Verde Islands, Cartagena in Colombia, St. Augustine in Florida and San Domingo (now Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic).

What continents did Sir Francis Drake explore?

Sir Francis Drake’s circumnavigation began in Plymouth, England. His fleet sailed across the Atlantic to South America before entering the Strait of Magellan. They entered the Pacific Ocean and sailed north to Vancouver Island.

How did Francis Drake impact the world?

Sir Francis Drake’s adventurous life was filled with many accomplishments. He played a major role in the destruction and defeat of the mighty Spanish Armada. This helped England to create a great empire in the New World. He also became the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe.

How did Sir Francis Drake exploration help his country?

What tools did Sir Francis Drake use?

Astrolabe: One of the oldest navigation tools known, it allowed sailors to know rhe latitude of wherever they were. Cross Staff: Also measured latitude in relation to the distance of the sun, though more accurate for skilled sailors.

What was Sir Francis Drake biggest discovery?

Sir Francis Drake is best known for circumnavigating Earth (1577–80), preying on Spanish ships along the way. Later he was credited for his defense of England by raiding Spain’s harbour at Cádiz in 1587 and (according to many sources) by disrupting the Spanish Armada in the English Channel with fire ships in 1588.

What was Drake’s biggest achievement?

Sir Francis Drake was an English explorer who is most famous for his circumnavigation of the earth which made him the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe in a single expedition.

How many voyages did Francis Drake make?

The Spanish became a lifelong enemy for Drake and they in turn considered him a pirate. In 1570 and 1571, Drake made two profitable trading voyages to the West Indies. In 1572, he commanded two vessels in a marauding expedition against Spanish ports in the Caribbean.

Why is Drake important?

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How much money did Francis Drake steal?

Near Lima, Drake captured a Spanish ship with 25,000 pesos of Peruvian gold, amounting in value to 37,000 ducats of Spanish money (about £7m by modern standards).

Is Sir Francis Drake a hero or villain?

Sir Francis Drake – to the Spanish, a wayward pirate; to the English, a hero. He could be considered a morally dubious hero in many ways, perhaps even a villain, but was still incredibly influential in Tudor times. Drake (c. 1540 – 1596) was born the eldest of 12 sons, in Tavistock, Devon.

How did Drake impact society?

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Who was richest pirate?

Captain Samuel Bellamy
Captain Samuel Bellamy (c. 23 February, 1689 – 26 April 1717), later known as “Black Sam” Bellamy, was an English sailor, turned pirate, who operated in the early 18th century. He is best known as the wealthiest pirate in recorded history, and one of the faces of the Golden Age of Piracy.

Which pirate had the most gold?

His greatest windfall occurred in February of 1717, when he captured a slave ship called the Whydah, which reportedly held more than four and a half tons of gold and silver….Top-Earning Pirates.

Pirate Wealth (2008 dollars)
Thomas White $16 million
John Halsey $13 million
Harry Morgan $13 million
Edward “Blackbeard” Teach $12.5 million