Is there a ballet in Vienna?

Is there a ballet in Vienna?

The virtuoso Vienna State Ballet dances on two stages at once: At the Vienna State Opera and the Volksoper, it gets the audience dreaming and fantasizing, reveling and marveling, laughing and crying. The ballet seasons of the Vienna State Ballet, which run from September to June each year, are full of excitement.

Where can I see the ballet in Vienna?


  • Vienna State Opera.
  • Musikverein – Golden hall.
  • Wiener Konzerthaus.
  • Wiener Volksoper.
  • Theater an der Wien.
  • Wiener Stadthalle.
  • Akademietheater Wien.
  • Burgtheater Wien.

What time is the opera Vienna?

Schedule. Guided tours of the State Opera are run from Monday to Sunday at varying times throughout the day, usually between 10 am and 3 pm. They last around 40 minutes.

How do you see the opera in Vienna?

If you want to see an opera in Vienna, you are going to have to have to get there early. Tickets go on sale at the Opera House “standing room only” box office 80 minutes before showtime. You cannot buy these €3 Vienna State Opera tickets online. You must arrive and purchase them in person.

Should I see opera in Vienna?

If you visit Vienna over the New Year, take part in a Viennese tradition to see the Johann Strauss opera Die Fledermaus (The Bat). If you don’t get seats, consider a Vienna State Opera standing ticket. Be aware that operas can last more than two hours. Avoid a standing place without a view (yes, they exist!).

Is there a dress code for the opera in Vienna?

THere is no dress code for the Opera.

Do people dress up for the opera in Vienna?

Actually, there is no formal dress code for the opera house in Vienna. Consider taking black tie dressing with you to celebrate the evening at the Vienna State Opera, though not required.

Is THere a dress code for the opera in Vienna?

Where should I sit in the Vienna Opera house?

Acoustically, the best seats are in the front rows of the boxes, on three levels. Avoid the back rows of the boxes as they only offer a partial view and the sound gets muffled. The balcony seats are excellent acoustically.

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