Is the water in Hillsborough County safe to drink?

Is the water in Hillsborough County safe to drink?

Hillsborough County Water Resources is proud to report that, once again in 2021, the high-quality drinking water we provide to our Hillsborough County customers has met health based standards from the U.S. EPA and State of Florida.

How do I set up water in Hillsborough County?

You can request to start new service the following ways:

  1. Phone our Customer Service Center at (813) 272-6680.
  2. In person by appointment only (M-F) 8 AM to 5 PM at (813) 612-7700: Brandon Support Operations Complex (BSOC) 332 N. Falkenburg Road. Brandon, FL 33619.
  3. Online. Complete request form.

Who provides water in Tampa?

The Tampa Water Department
The Tampa Water Department provides drinking water to customers located in the City of Tampa as well as parts of unincorporated Hillsborough County.

How do I report a water leak in Hillsborough County?

For water or wastewater emergencies, call (813) 744-5600.

Why does Tampa smell sewer?

According to utility officials with the City of Tampa, the area does have a history of problems. And most likely, it’s hydrogen sulfide. Officials said in the neighborhood, there are two pipe lines that create pressure, which agitates the water and makes more gas.

Is the water in Tampa contaminated?

Tap water tested from the City of Tampa was found to carry 18 total contaminants including arsenic, which was 198 times higher than EWG’s Health Guideline — levels defined by scientists as the amount of a contaminant in drinking water that is not expected to pose any health risks.

How do I set up utilities in Tampa?

  1. Apply online utilizing the Customer Service Message Center.
  2. You can also contact the Utilities Call Center at (813) 274-8811. Please allow up to 5 business days for your request to be processed.

When can I water my lawn in Hillsborough County?

Except for hand-watering and low-volume irrigation, landscape watering must take place before 8 a.m. or after 6 p.m. on allowable days – either from midnight to 8 a.m., or from 6 p.m. to midnight.

Where does Tampa FL get its water?

The region’s water is blended from three different sources: groundwater, river water and desalinated seawater. Tampa Bay Water is the only water utility in the United States to take advantage of these three sources of water combined.

How much is the average water bill in Tampa Florida?

$46.50 a month
Customers will see an increase in their bills starting in the November billing cycle. The average bill will increase from $41.29 to $46.50 a month, about half the regional average.

Who pays for a water leak?

This means that as a property owner; you’re responsible for the maintenance and repair of the pipes that supply water to your property. This includes all the pipes that run inside your home and outside too. For example, if there’s a leak on the property boundary, then that is the homeowner’s responsibility.

How do they check for a water leak?

To check for faucet leaks, turn the faucet off and listen closely near the water pipe. If there’s a running water sound, it could be a leak. To check for a toilet leak, add food colouring inside the tank and wait for a few minutes. If the color reaches the bowl then you have a toilet leak.

Can I drink the tap water in Tampa?

Providing clean, safe drinking water is a top priority at Tampa Bay Water. The drinking water we provide our member governments is safe: it meets or is better than all local, state and federal drinking water regulations.

Why does Tampa water smell like sulfur?

H2S is a dissolved gas that is released from the earth and finds its way into the groundwater. It’s especially common in well water located in Tampa Bay. Occasionally, a rotten-egg smell in your water could also be associated with your water heater or by sewage pollution in your water.

Why is the water toxic in Florida 2021?

In April 2021, the Piney Point phosphate mine began leaking toxic wastewater produced by the mining process. Over 215 million gallons of contaminated water leaked from containment ponds into a Manatee County tributary that flowed into the southern end of Tampa Bay.

What is the average water bill in Tampa Florida?

Is Tampa Electric the same as TECO?

TECO Energy has several subsidiaries: Tampa Electric Company, which provides electricity to the Tampa Bay Area and parts of Central Florida; Peoples Gas Company, which provides natural gas throughout Florida; and TECO Services, which provides IT, HR, legal, facilities, and other services to current and former TECO …

What days can I water my lawn Tampa?

Year-Round Watering Days At addresses ending in 4, 5, or 6 – Tuesdays and Fridays; At addresses ending in 7, 8 or 9 – Wednesdays and Saturdays; At locations with no address (common areas, entry areas), and locations with mixed addresses (office complexes, shopping centers) – Wednesdays and Saturdays.

When can I water my yard in Tampa?

How hard is Hillsborough County water?

The hardness of Tampa’s drinking water, primarily taken from the Hillsborough River, fluctuates throughout the year — lower during the wet season and higher in the dry season — between about 140 to 300 parts per million or 8 to 17 grains per gallon (one grain per gallon equals 17.2 parts per million).