Is Soul Surfer based on a real movie?

Is Soul Surfer based on a real movie?

Soul Surfer is a 2011 American biographical drama film directed by Sean McNamara, based on the 2004 autobiography Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board by Bethany Hamilton about her life as a surfer after losing her left arm in a horrific shark attack and her recovery.

Is Bethany Hamilton real?

Bethany Hamilton is an American professional surfer who came to prominence after surviving a shark attack in 2003, during which she lost her left arm. The shark severed the limb just below the shoulder which meant she could not wear weight-bearing prosthetics, so Hamilton taught herself to surf with just one arm.

What happened to Bethany Hamilton’s arm?

While out with her best friend and her best friend’s dad and brother, Bethany was attacked on October 31, 2003 while surfing in Tunnels Beach in Kauai, Hawaii. The 14-foot tiger shark bit off her left arm just below the shoulder in the vicious attack.

When did they find Bethany Hamilton’s shark?

Yes. At the time, a family of fisherman led by Ralph Young caught and killed a tiger shark about one mile from the site of the attack. After finding surfboard debris in the shark’s mouth as well as matching its mouth to the size of her broken board, in 2004, police confirmed that was in fact the shark that injured her.

Did Bethany Hamilton qualify for worlds?

Bethany Hamilton announced that she will compete on the 2020 World Surf League (WSL) Qualifying Series. The 30-year-old surfer wants to qualify for the WSL Women’s Championship Tour in 2021. Hamilton, who lost her left arm in 2003 in a shark attack incident in Kauai, is back competing on a full-time schedule.

Is Soul Surfer based on a true story?

“Soul Surfer” is based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton, a champion surfer who in her early teens was attacked by a shark and lost almost all of her left arm. One month later, she was back on a surfboard, has since won several championships and is at age 21 a professional surfer. All of those are remarkable facts.

What is the summary of Soul Surfer?

Synopsis. Soul Surfer is a non-fiction autobiography about a strong hearted teenage surfer, who lost her arm in a shark attack. This girl was only thirteen at the time of the attack, her name was Bethany Hamilton. The book tells us passionately how Bethany got back on her feet after her attack, through the help of her saviour, Jesus Christ.

What is the story of Soul Surfer?

AnnaSophia Robb as Bethany Hamilton

  • Helen Hunt as Cheri Hamilton
  • Dennis Quaid as Thomas “Tom” Hamilton
  • Carrie Underwood as Sarah Hill
  • Kevin Sorbo as Holt Blanchard
  • Ross Thomas as Noah Hamilton
  • Chris Brochu as Timmy Hamilton
  • Lorraine Nicholson as Alana Blanchard
  • Jeremy Sumpter as Atty. Byron Blanchard
  • Sonia Balmores Chung as Malina Birch,Bethany’s rival
  • How they did the arm in Soul Surfer?

    While they were out surfing, a tiger shark attacked Hamilton and bite her left arm, severing it. How did they hide the actors arm in Soul Surfer? The attack shot was filmed with the actresses’ real arm dropped through an opened groove in a surfboard, so that only the stump was visible to camera.