Is Kaidan or Ashley better in me3?

Is Kaidan or Ashley better in me3?

Kaidan is a supporting fighter in contrast to Ashley. He combines biotic and tech abilities and functions similarly to the Sentinel class. In Mass Effect 3, he’s arguably one of the stronger crewmates to bring into a fight – particularly if players are focusing more on gunfire than complementary abilities.

Should I take Ashley or Kaiden?

Consequences of Choosing Ashley or Kaidan Party Role: If you’re undecided about who to lose, you should take into account who offers a more worthwhile class for your needs based on your own class and party setup. You lose a Soldier if you sacrifice Ashley, and lose a Sentinel if you sacrifice Kaidan.

Is there a way to save both Kaidan and Ashley?

You cannot, Mass Effect 1 does not gives you an option to save both of them. You have either pick Ashley who is guarding the bomb or Kaiden who is being attacked at the AA tower. All choices lead to saving one of them, not both.

Who should I take on Virmire?

Tali and Wrex are good examples of squadmates to bring along. Tali in particular has both a shotgun and tech talents that can help stop incoming fire. Wrex on the other hand brings biotic talents to knock down his fellow krogan and the occasional geth.

Does it matter who I send with Kirrahe?

It doesn’t matter which one was sent to the AA tower with Captain Kirrahe and which one was left to arm the bomb, this plays out the same way. You only have time to save both, and whomever you neglect will be killed when the bomb destroys the base on Virmire.

Who canonically survives Virmire?

Wrex survives Virmire and eventually helps cure the genophage with Mordin. Ashley survives Virmire. Only Morinth dies in ME2 because Samara lives. All 12 crew members survive suicide mission.

What should I finish before Virmire?

Eden Prime.

  • Citadel.
  • Therum/Feros/Novaria.
  • Therum/Feros/Novaria.
  • Therum/Feros/Novaria/Virmire.
  • Therum/Feros/Novaria/Virmire.
  • Citadel –> Ilos.
  • Ending Area (spoilers)
  • Who is the best romance option Mass Effect?

    Liara T’Soni Liara’s status as by far the best long-term romance option in the original Mass Effect game is already reason enough to rank her high on this list, but her lofty placement is really all about how your relationship with Liara evolves across the trilogy.

    Should I do Noveria or Virmire first?

    After completing any two of these three missions, another will open up on Virmire. Though you are free to jump straight to this one as soon as it opens, we still recommend completing Noveria first, before investigating Virmire. Completing all four of these missions will prompt the next phase of the story.