Is Hercules in New York dubbed?

Is Hercules in New York dubbed?

Schwarzenegger had all his lines dubbed by an uncredited voice actor due to his thick Austrian accent, although the Trimark DVD has an “Original English Dialogue” audio track with Arnold’s voice.

How much did Arnold Schwarzenegger get paid for Hercules in New York?

After earning just $12,000 to star in 1969’s “Hercules in New York”, Arnold eventually became the king of the $20 million+ single-movie paycheck. To date, Arnold’s movies have grossed more than $3.6 billion at the worldwide box office. That’s enough to make him the 30th highest grossing actor ever.

Did Arnold Schwarzenegger ever play Hercules?

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Hercules in New York (1969) Arnold Schwarzenegger was only 22 when he made Hercules in New York, in which he was credited as ‘Arnold Strong, Mr. Universe’. Billed as his first feature role, Schwarzenegger’s Hercules gets his wish to travel to Earth from his father Zeus at Mount Olympus.

When was Hercules made in NYC?

February 25, 1970 (USA)Hercules in New York / Release date

Who else played Hercules?

Ranking The Best Actors Who Brought Hercules To The Screen

  • Steve Reeves: ‘Hercules’ (1958)
  • Lou Ferrigno: ‘Hercules’ (1983)
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: ‘Hercules’ (2014)
  • Ryan Gosling: ‘Young Hercules’ (1998-1999)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger: ‘Hercules In New York’ (1969)
  • Kellan Lutz: ‘The Legend of Hercules’ (2014)

Who is gonna play Zeus?

Russell Crowe appears to be so enamoured with his role in Thor: Love and Thunder that he’s even made it his profile picture on Twitter. The actor, 58, will star as Zeus, the god of the sky in Greek mythology, in the upcoming Marvel movie, due for release in July.

Is Zeus movie out?

Zeus was released on Feb 13, 2022 . This movie is available in English language. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Salma Hayek and Ralf Moeller are playing as the star cast in this movie.