Is Environ Irish?

Is Environ Irish?

Yes. At Millies, we are authorised Irish stockists of Environ skincare products and have a sizable and expanding collection ready to buy online.

How long does a bottle of Environ last?

approx 8 weeks
Environ products have such fresh, highly active, effective ingredients to ensure best results. Your bottle of Avst moisturiser is expected to last approx 8 weeks if you are using it as you should, which is 2 pumps in morning and 2 pumps at night, EVERYDAY.

Is Environ tested on animals?

“Environ Skin Care is an animal-friendly company led by directors who are great supporters of the fight against cruelty to animals,” Dr. Fernandes says. “We can assure you that not one product is tested on animals. In fact, we believe pets may benefit from human research!

Is Environ Retinol good?

It has wonderful texture, not watery but not a rich cream, and it absorbs really well. I didn’t experience any redness, dryness or peeling when I used it, even after moving from using it three times a week to nightly application. The best part is this serum layers very well vitamin C.

Is environ good for skin?

Due to Environ Skincare’s cornerstone ingredient being Vitamin A, as well as the love of antioxidants and how incredible these are for the skin, then the answer to the initial question is absolutely, yes! Environ is brilliant for sensitive skins.

Is Environ retinol good?

Does Environ have retinol?

Retinol is more than just a skincare trend. It is Environ’s cornerstone ingredient and can assist in beautiful skin for a lifetime.

Is Environ a retinol?

Does Environ have retinol in it?

How do I start Environ?

How Step-Up Works

  1. After pre-cleansing, cleansing and toning with Environ products, start with the moisturiser containing the lowest amounts of vitamin A and other ingredients.
  2. Then move on to the second level moisturiser with the next highest amount of vitamin A and other ingredients.

What makes Environ skincare products unique?

Environ skincare products have created a revolution in the world of beauty. The key ingredient of Environ is the intensive use of Vitamin A and in the right doses. It is this approach that has enabled the amazing results that this range of skin care products achieves.

Which Environ products are available at our stockist?

As a leading Environ stockist, we have exclusive offers on Environ sets that include the perfect regime for you, including cleansers, toners, moisturisers and Eye gel. For more information and advice on everything Environ skincare, look no further!

What’s new at Environ?

Environ® sweeps up Lifetime Achievement Award in Skincare and voted Top Medical Skin Care for the fifth consecutive year. Do you like it? Do you like it? To combat child hunger, Environ is donating 238 000 meals to 1 800 children at GROW Educare Centres in South Africa. Help Environ feed more children by pledging your donation.

Who is the founder of ENVIRON?

The founder of Environ skin care is Doctor Des Fernandes, who developed the brand through the inspiration of performing cosmetic surgery on his clients. At Skin1 Pharmacy we have being advising on and using Environ skincare products since first stocking Environ back in 2013.