How to Succeed at Doing English Homework

English lessons take 2-3 lessons a week for several hours. At this point, the student actively accepts and studies new information, which is deposited mainly in short-term memory. To fix all the material, you must repeat it. This explains the importance of homework. But how to succeed in this difficult task? Homework is an independent activity of the student, where he controls himself. Here are some tips on how to do English homework easily and quickly.

Principles of doing homework in English

  1. Even in the school, specify whether you understand correctly what you need to perform.
  2. Necessarily, in addition to the main homework, repeat old material.
  3. When learning new words make cards, where on one side you will write the name in your language, and on the other side, you will write in English.
  4. When passing the grammatical rule, be sure to write it down manually in the form of a diagram.
  5. When reading a new text, it is necessary to allocate logical parts. Reading train aloud and read at least three times.
  6. If you translate, write out unfamiliar expressions, not words. After all, it is much easier to speak and use memorized clichés than to combine words.
  7. When doing exercises, try to start with the difficult ones.

Action sequence

You need to prepare for lessons systematically. Even one lesson not completed leaves a gap in the knowledge of the child, which will be difficult to restore.

  1. Read the assignment.
  2. You should start your homework with oral work – listening, reading and translating words and sentences in the textbook! Open the desired lesson in the tutorial. Find the corresponding entry on the disk. Listen to the recording by repeating the words. Then read aloud all the exercises and translate orally. If necessary – listen to the recording again.
  3. Then start writing. Open the desired lesson in the textbook. Do exercise. Carefully read the tasks for the exercises and see the sample. Tasks are difficult to do correctly if you do not read the relevant material in the textbook.
  4. Learn words: how they are written, read and translated.

If you urgently need help with English homework, you can contact online services, where your work will be checked or done for you.

How to prepare yourself for homework?

Teachers also advise to follow these guidelines:

  • Actively work in the classroom: listen carefully and answer questions. If something is unclear, do not hesitate to ask a question.
  • Learn to use reference books and dictionaries to be able to find out the meaning of unfamiliar words and expressions.
  • Learn to find interested in the information you need with the help of the computer.
  • Difficult lesson material should be repeated on the same day to immediately fix it and remember.
  • Do not hesitate to ask for help from adults and classmates.
  • You need to decide in what order it is better to perform tasks and how much time will be needed for each of them.
  • Only what is necessary for one task should be on the desk.
  • During the preparation of homework, you must take breaks.
  • Studying a given material, you first need to understand it, and only then remember.
  • Before performing a written work, you must learn all the rules that you may need.
  • Reading the textbook, you need to ask yourself questions about the text.
  • Learning new concepts and phenomena, it is necessary to link them within the meaning of the previously known.
  • A large task must be divided into parts and work on each of them separately.
  • Plan your oral response and test yourself.