How to Spell personal or personnel?

How to Spell personal or personnel?

They also belong to different word classes and they’re pronounced differently. The adjective “personal” (with the stress on the first syllable) means private or individual. The noun “personnel” (stress on the last syllable) refers to the people employed by an organization, business, or service.

How do you spell personnel officer?

Definition of ‘personnel officer’

Is Personnelist a word?

Definition: is a slang, colloquial name that signifies an administrative specialist who works in the field of personnel management and deals with individual issues and personnel-related concerns.

How do you smell spell committee?


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How do you use personnel in word?

They’ve reduced the number of personnel working on the project. Talk to personnel if you have any questions about your health insurance. She’s the director of personnel. These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word ‘personnel.

Why is personnel spelled with two n’s?

To remember which word is which, try this: Personnel has two ns, just as a company has to have at least two employees to have personnel. Anything personal (one n) is about one individual.

Should I use staff or personnel?

“staff” and “personnel” are synonyms, but are not always interchangeable. In my experience, “personnel” is more usual in organization charts (personnel department, director of personnel) and accounting (personnel expenses). “staff” is more usual in collocations like a member of the staff or a staff meeting.

How do you correctly spell committee?

“committee – correct spelling.”

Is dilemna a word?

I’m nearly certain I was taught the wrong spelling in school, and when I got older and checked a dictionary, I was shocked to find that the word is spelled “dilemma.” Further, the only correct spelling is “dilemma.” I thought it was spelled “dilemna.” It’s not as if “dilemna” is a substandard variant or regional …

Does personnel have plural?

“Personnel” can be both singular and plural. Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of English Usage and note that some people object to “personnel” being plural, but that the plural use is widespread and acceptable.

How do you spell authorized personnel only?

Authorized personnel definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary.

Is there a plural of personnel?

What is the plural for personnel?

plural personnel. personnel. /ˌpɚsəˈnɛl/ noun. plural personnel.

How do you spell the plural of committee?

committees – Simple English Wiktionary.

How do you spell Delima?