How number portability works?

How number portability works?

Generate UPC at the point of sale of recipient operator. SMS the word ‘PORT’ (which shall be case-insensitive, i.e., it can be ‘port’ or ‘Port’ etc.) followed by a space and the ten-digit mobile number which is to be ported, to 1900. The UPC will be received through SMS on the mobile of the Subscriber.

What is portability in telecom?

Local Number Portability (LNP), also known as number portability and number porting, enables end users to keep their telephone number when switching from one telecommunications service provider to another. Prior to the introduction of LNP, changing service providers meant having to get a new telephone number.

When did porting start?

Mobile number portability was launched on August 26, 2006.

What is required to port a number?

In order to port your number, you need to prove that you own the number. That means you will most likely have to provide your account number with your current carrier. You’ll also need your full name and address. They may need your service address for a landline as well as your billing address if the two are different.

Can I port my SIM myself?

Send the following text message – PORT followed by your 10-digit mobile number to TRAI’s central number for mobile number portability – 1900. Example: Send ‘PORT 98xxxxxx98’ to 1900. You’ll receive an SMS back with a port out code which will remain valid for only 15 days. 3.

How much it will cost to port a number?

The telecom regulator will charge ₹6.46 as transaction fee for each porting request. A subscriber may withdraw the porting request by sending SMS to 1900. Trai has come up with a set of regulations to decide the eligibility of your porting request.

How much does it cost to port a number?

How Much Does Mobile Number Porting Cost? Nothing. Mobile Number Porting is a free service.

Is SIM porting free of cost?

Is Jio porting free?

Porting your number to Jio is absolutely FREE. There are no home delivery charges, no activation charges, and no security deposit.

Is number porting free?

Can I port my Sim myself?

Can I port my SIM free?

Yes Of course! You can port to any operator without changing your number. As per new TRAI guidelines, the entire porting process takes upto 3 working days to port in the same city and 5 days if you port from one city to another.