How much rep do you get for revered?

How much rep do you get for revered?

12,000 rep points
Revered- By grinding out an additional 12,000 rep points with a faction, you move from honored to revered.

Can you still get black prince rep?

Comment by Raevenne. It’s worth noting that the only way to obtain Black Prince rep once you reach Revered is to kill mobs on the Isle of Thunder.

What is the order of reputation in wow?

Reputation leveling

Standing Points from previous level Bonus/effect
Exalted 1,000 Highest attainable ranking. Access to special perks. 20% vendor discount.
Revered 21,000 15% vendor discount.
Honored 12,000 10% vendor discount.
Friendly 6,000 5% vendor discount. You start with this standing at all allied cities.

How long does it take to get revered with the enlightened?

32 days
Time to reach Revered and Exalted with The Enlightened If you do all 3 daily quests per day, complete both Patterns Within Patterns quests each week, complete the Campaign, and kill the World Boss each week, it will take you 32 days to become Revered, and 73 days to become Exalted.

What is revered in wow?

Revered is the reputation level above Honored and below Exalted. It requires 21,000 points to reach Exalted from the time Revered is attained. As of patch 2.3 this reputation level gives a 15% discount at vendors associated with the relevant faction.

What is reputation cap New World?

In New World, players have a set Faction reputation for each of the five ranks they can earn in their faction. Currently, the max faction reputation cap for the final rank is 49k reputation. When players hit this reputation cap, they will not earn any more reputation, as they have reached the final rank.

Do you need zereth mortis for Alts?

So on alts, you do not need to do any ZM at all. Not the campaign, not the rep grind, no nothing. You can if you want to, but it is 100% optional.

How long does it take to get double legendary?

Players might wonder how long does it take to unlock double legendaries. And we know an answer as our team has progressed on PTR and done some research and calculations. It currently takes approximately 28 days to reach revered with Enlightened and unlock access to Memory of Unity to gain the second legendary.

How do you get revered with the Golden Lotus?

After reaching level 90, you will be able to increase your reputation with the Golden Lotus by doing daily quests in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, during which you will help the Pandaren in their struggle against the Mogu invasion.