How much does the Go Compare guy get paid?

How much does the Go Compare guy get paid?

The role has also undoubtedly changed Wynne’s life, as it’s reported that he was paid £450,000 deal for a two year contract with Go Compare. Wynne previously said the money he got from Go Compare was “life changing”, saying the steady pay packet allowed him to finally clear his debts.

Where is the Go Compare man from?

Just who is the GoCompare man? His name is Gio Compario and he’s an opera singer from Italy, currently living in Wales. He knows everything there is to know about GoCompare. Played by Welsh opera tenor Wynne Evans, Gio first appeared on our TV screens in GoCompare’s 2009 TV advert, set in a coffee shop.

Who is the Go Compare mans mother?

Personal life. Evans is a trustee of The Elizabeth Evans Trust. Evans’s mother was Elizabeth Evans MBE, who founded and ran both The Carmarthen Youth Opera and The Lyric Theatre in Carmarthen for 25 years.

Who is in the new Go Compare advert?

Wynne, who has played Gio Compario since the character’s conception, steps out from behind the legendary moustache to showcase his own talents and highlight GoCompare’s free £250 excess benefit for car insurance customers – described by Wynne in the ad as ‘one of the best deals around.

What breed of dog is in Go Compare advert?

springer spaniel
Charlie, a springer spaniel from Swinton, is so sick to death of the Go Compare ads that he’s suddenly taken to throwing back his head and howling every time he hears the song. See our video here.

Is Go Compare man married?

Wynne is married to Tanwen Evans, a talented violinist. They tied the knot in 1999 and have two teenage children. Their daughter’s name is Ismay and they also have a son, Taliesin. What do you think of the Go Compare man adverts?

Is the Go Compare man married?

Where was the latest Go Compare advert filmed?

‘ The new ads were filmed at Wynne’s home and build on the series of adverts created at the same location during lockdown. The campaigns creative concept was developed by long-term creative partners Sian and Chris Wilkins.

What breed of puppy is in the Go Compare advert?

Who is Wynne Evans wife?

Tanwen EvansWynne Evans / Wife (m. 1999)

What is the Go Compare song?

Go Compare’s campaign uses the melody from George M Cohan’s 1917 song Over There, which became popular with US armed forces personnel in the first and second world wars.

What happened to Paul Potts on Britain’s Got Talent?

Following surgery for the tumour, Paul broke his collarbone and it was this mishap that led him to enter Britain’s Got Talent. The clip of Paul’s BGT audition racked up 165 million views on YouTube. After winning BGT, Paul won himself a Royal audience as Queen Elizabeth herself watched on as he sang Nessun Dorma.

Was the Go Compare singer in Phantom of the Opera?

The Go Compare tenor Wynne Evans will appear in three performances of The Phantom of the Opera. Wynne Evans, the Welsh tenor most famous for his role in the Go Compare adverts, is to appear in three gala performances of The Phantom of the Opera.

What breed of dog are used in the Go Compare advert?

Charlie, a springer spaniel from Swinton, is so sick to death of the Go Compare ads that he’s suddenly taken to throwing back his head and howling every time he hears the song. See our video here.

How long has the opera singer been doing the Go Compare advert?

‘The Voice’, the first of the new ads, will air from 1st October 2020 across channels including ITV1, Channel 4 and Sky Sports, and will mark the 80th appearance of the opera singer since he first arrived on UK screens in August 2009.

Where does Wynne Evans live now?

Wynne Evans, 49, now hosts a weekday show on BBC Radio Wales. He is a Tottenham Hotspur fan and sang at the last match at White Hart Lane stadium. He was also in the 25th anniversary The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall. He lives in Cardiff with his son, Taliesin, 17.

Did the Go Compare man change?

After 11 years, despite the trolling that has come with the role, Wynne is more than happy living life as the ‘GoCompare man’. “It’s totally changed my life,” he says. “If it wasn’t for the adverts I’d still be an opera singer probably working around the world – who knows where I would be?

Who is the dog in budget direct ad?

In Sarge and Jac’s latest house call, they are faced with another situation out of the ordinary: A dog named Butterscotch, armed with a Star Wars-esque laser-sword, wreaking havoc on the neighbourhood. The new ad is to promote Budget Director’s offering of temporary accomodation for up to a year when disaster strikes.