How long is the Ontario Smart Serve test?

How long is the Ontario Smart Serve test?

IMPORTANT: Once you start the Final Test, you must complete it in one sitting (about 30 mins). If you exit the test or leave the camera view, you will lose that attempt. Training Course Details: It takes about 4 hours.

How much does Smart Serve cost in Ontario?

The cost to attend Smart Serve Ontario ranges from $30 to $45 depending on the qualification, with a median cost of $40.

Is Smart Serve Ontario free?

Smart Serve certification training is now being offered free for the entire month of April. Individual certification training can be completed online 24/7. The training will prepare you to work in any environment where alcohol is sold, served, or sampled in the province of Ontario.

What happens if you fail Smart Serve?

You must follow all Final Test instructions. Any rules broken will result in a FAILED session and require you to re-purchase and complete the entire course again.

How long does it take to study Smart Serve?

Smart Serve (or SmartServe Ontario) is now required by anyone who serves or handles alcohol, as well as managers and security staff in Ontario. Online Training can be completed anytime/anywhere. It takes approximately 4 hours to complete.

Do you need Smart Serve to work at LCBO?

In Ontario, employees handling liquor must attend Smart Serve training, and employees at the LCBO or Beer Store receive training on how to check identification in order to ensure customers are complying with the province’s legal drinking age.

Do you need a Smart Serve to work at LCBO?

How many questions are on the Smart Serve exam?

Smart Serve Practice Test 2021 Ontario, Canada [Free] Certification Online Course Test Question Answers. Once you pass the test you will have a smart serve certified license….Smart Serve Practice Test 2021.

Test Name Smart Serve Practice Test
Questions Types Sample Multiple Choice Question
Total Questions 20
Passing Maks 80$
Explanation Available

How much is Smart Serve course?

The Smart Serve course costs $44.95 and includes two (2) test attempts. If you are already certified, the course costs $29.95. This is the full course and includes two (2) test attempts.

Is Smart Serve training free?

The online program is available in six (6) different languages: English, French, Chinese, Korean, Punjabi, and Spanish. Free of charge until April 30, 2020 Training Guidelines: Here is an overview of the Smart Serve Online® Training Program: The online program consists of multiple learning modules and chapters.

Can I take Smart Serve test online?

Online Proctored Testing. All Final Tests are completed online and will be Proctored. You will be required to allow access to your web camera for I.D. verification and test monitoring purposes.

How do I Complete my Smart Serve certification training?

Complete your Smart Serve certification training online, anytime, 24/7. Prepare yourself for working in any environment where alcohol is sold, served, or sampled in Ontario. Get ready to learn with short videos, quizzes, text/audio, activities, and games!

Who is responsible for smart serve training?

It is the responsibility of licensees to ensure that all rules and regulations are followed before, during, and after delivery. delivery of liquor has completed the Smart Serve training. This includes any third parties acting as agents for the licensee.

How long does it take to complete online training?

Online Training Takes about 3-4 hours You can stop/start your training Your progress is saved as you learn You must complete the Training and Final Test within 30 days You will have two (2) attempts at the Final Test Your Final Test will be Proctored You must achieve 80% or higher to pass and meet all Proctoring requirements