How do you put icons on deviantart?

How do you put icons on deviantart?

Type the member’s username and “:” in the space immediately following the “:icon” code. For example, to tag “John,” you would type “:iconJohn:” at the point where you want his avatar to appear.

What size is Deviantart icon?

Avatar Requirements: Avatars should be 100×100 pixels. Up to 20KB for JPG and PNG avatars. Up to 100KB for GIF avatars. If either of these conditions are not met, the animated file cannot not be used as your avatar.

How do I change my age on deviantart on Iphone?

You can update your birth date in your account settings.

  1. Hover over your username to open the drop-down menu.
  2. Select “Account Settings.”
  3. Under the “Personal” heading, select “General.”
  4. In the “Personal Information” section, click “Change Birthday.”

How do you edit your deviantart account?

Clicking on the Edit button will allow you to fill out information about yourself such as your website address, a bio, and your interests! You’ll also be able to hide/show your badges here. Custom section: Create a section personal to you and your style! Read on more about how to best use the Custom Section!

Where can I download icons for Windows 10?

7 sites where you can download free desktop icons for Windows 10

  • DeviantArt.
  • IconArchive.
  • FindIcons.
  • iconmonstr.
  • Material Design icons from Google.
  • GraphicBurger.

What canvas size should I use for icons?

Width and height should be even numbers. Make sure you don’t leave either of these features with a comma (e.g. 64,23 px). Artboard size belongs to the icons you’re creating. It could be of any standard size: 16×16; 28×28; 30×30; 40×40; 48×48; 64×64; 96×96; 128×128, etc.

How big is a DeviantArt banner?

DeviantArt states that the ideal banner size is 1600px x 800px, but this will always have a bleed zone in it. But this is if you zoom out your browser view window to its minimum setting. Ideally, no one views their own browser from anything besides 100%.

How old do you have to be for DeviantArt?

Currently DeviantArt’s compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (effective April 21st, 2000) is limited to prohibiting any child under the age of 13 from opening, maintaining, or otherwise using a DeviantArt account. This restriction stands even when parental permission is granted.

Can you hide birthday on DeviantArt?

In the same section, you have the option to display your birth date on DeviantArt. You can choose to: Hide your birthday from the public. Show only the month and day publicly.

What is Eclipse DeviantArt?

Eclipse On-the-Go Deviants can browse art and stay connected with a mobile site that provides responsive design to help keep your DeviantArt experience seamless. Discover new deviations, read journals, and scan through status updates via Browse.