How do you open Victor Safe and Lock?

How do you open Victor Safe and Lock?

Victor brand safes are a common brand of antique safes….Victor Brand Safes

  1. Right to 1st #, 4 times.
  2. Left to 2nd #, 3 times.
  3. Right to 3rd #, 2 times.
  4. Left to 4th #, 1 time.
  5. Turn right to draw back the safe bolts to unlock the safe. If there is a safe handle, turn it after going to the last number.

What is a cannonball safe?

The cannonball safes were built more sturdy with thicker walls, round corners, and time lock systems which would prevent anyone from opening them anytime other than daytime hours. The safes get their ‘cannonball’ name from a round shape and heavy load, typically weighing between 3,500 and 5,000lbs.

How heavy is a cannon safe?

Entry-level gun safes typically weigh between 200-600 pounds. Mid-range safes weigh between 600 and 1,000 pounds. High-end weigh in between 1,000 to 1,600. And commercial-grade safes can weigh anywhere from 2,000 all the way up to 5,000 pounds.

How much does a cannonball safe weigh?

Weighing about 4,000 pounds and built in the “cannonball-safe” style between 1908 and 1911, the rounded safe is thought by many to have been targeted by either Bonnie and Clyde or Ma Barker’s gang during a late-night heist of the Commercial Bank building in downtown Alma in the summer of 1933, Hill said.

Can you lay a gun safe on its back?

Well, in general laying a safe on its back is not a problem so long as you tip it safely. However, you do need to put some prep in to make sure your safe and the contents aren’t damaged in the process. The first thing you’re going to want to do is empty the safe.

How much does a bank safe weigh?

We started contacting different companies, asking, “How big would the bank vault really be?” We got anywhere from 8 to 10 feet wide, 10 to 14 feet long, probably 8 feet high. They weigh 80 to 100 thousand pounds. There’s absolutely no way you’re gonna carry an 80-100 thousand vault around.

Does this cannonball safe have a time lock?

This particular cannonball safe does not seem to present itself with the technology that most “Time Lock” safe normaly exhibit.

What is a time lock safe?

A time lock was introduced around the turn of the century when kidnapping of the Bank Tellers at night to do their bidding became popular among Jesse James and other bandits of the west. This safe can not be opend unless during the hours permited to do so, and provided the combination is in hand.

What is a cannonball safe made of?

This is a Cannonball Safe. They were invented in the late 1800s to thwart explosives and cutting techniques used to gain access into the safe. They were made of solid manganese steel or similar metals. “Mangalloy, also called manganese steel or Hadfield steel, is a steel alloy containing an average of around 13% manganese.

Can you open a red Cannonball safe?

This safe can not be opend unless during the hours permited to do so, and provided the combination is in hand. This red cannonball safe is a safe that was found in a field more than 50 years ago and was never moved on acount of its weight. The locksmiths at my shop were paid 50 bucks to get it out of an old farmers field.