How do you get the bulletproof Patriot in GTA 3?

How do you get the bulletproof Patriot in GTA 3?

After dropping Ray at the airport, the NPC will provide a key to his locker and leave for Miami. Following this, the player needs to head over to the location of the locker and unlock it using the key given by Ray. Inside the locker, the player will find a few weapons along with the Bulletproof Patriot.

How do you get 100% on GTA 3?


  1. Collect all 100 Hidden Packages.
  2. Complete all 20 Rampages [note 2]
  3. Complete all 20 Unique Jumps.

How long does GTA 3 take to beat?

However, the game, GTA III, will still take a considerably long time. The average playtime of the game with only the Story Mode plus some side missions comes around to 23 Hours, with the Main Story capping off around 16 Hours.

How many safehouses are in GTA 3?

three safehouses
The player can acquire up to three safehouses in the game, unlocking them as the player progresses through the storyline.

How many missions are in Grand Theft Auto 3?

On this page you find the full list of all the GTA 3 Missions, along with a complete mission guide, locations, mission givers and rewards. There are 67 missions in total in the storyline of Grand Theft Auto III, with 50 main missions plus 17 optional Pay Phone Missions which are not required for story progression.

What are the different story missions in GTA 5?

Story missions. 1 Portland. Claude is betrayed by his girlfriend Catalina when she shoots him during a bank heist, leaving him for dead. He survives and is arrested, 2 Staunton Island. 3 Shoreside Vale.

Are the phone missions in GTA 3 still necessary?

However, the Phone missions are still necessary for 100% completion of the game. The GTA 3 missions below are listed in chronological order, grouped by the Location/Area they take place in, and the walkthrough also applies to the GTA III Definitive Edition.

Where are all the RC missions in GTA 3?

Casino Calamity (Staunton Island) – Located in Trenton, slightly northwest of Kenji’s Casino. You must destroy Yakuza Stingers. Rumpo Rampage (Shoreside Vale) – Located in Wichita Gardens, just behind your safehouse. You must destroy Hoods Rumpo XLs. That’s all of the RC Missions in GTA III Trilogy Definitive Edition.