How do you cover an exposed drain pipe?

How do you cover an exposed drain pipe?

You can purchase plastic or wooden pipe coverings at most hardware stores to match your decor. Simply spray some adhesive spray over the pipe and wrap your covering around it. Once you’re done, cut off any excess with a box cutter or a utility knife – be careful and watch your fingers!

How do you hide outside drain pipes?

How to Hide Exterior Plumbing Pipes

  1. Use Plants. One of the most popular ways to disguise exposed exterior pipes is to use plants.
  2. Use a Wooden Box. A wooden box is a great option for pipes grouped together.
  3. Use Decorative Objects.
  4. Paint the Pipe.
  5. Cover the Pipe.
  6. Industrialize the Pipe.
  7. Now You Know.

How do you hide drain pipes in finished basement?

If you have several pipes together in one or more locations, you may be able to hide them with a box. If you are handy with a hammer and saw, frame a box around your pipes and then wrap it with paneling or drywall. Finish and trim as needed and stand back to admire your work.

How can I hide the eyesores in my yard?

10 Clever Ways to Hide Outdoor Eyesores

  1. Pick Camouflage That Rocks. Sometimes function gets in the way of form.
  2. Tuck Tools Away.
  3. Build a Functional Barrier.
  4. Don’t Forget to Go Low.
  5. Build a Shed Under the Stairs.
  6. Stack Wood Under a Seat.
  7. Artfully Add Seclusion.
  8. Contain Your Garden Hose.

How can I hide my basement cleanout?

One way to hide this type of sewer cleanout is to build a cabinet around it. What is this? If the sewer cleanout is on a vertical drainpipe in the middle of the basement, you can create a partial wall with a cabinet that opens to give access to the sewer cleanout.

What is pipe sleeper?

Steel or concrete structures. Sleepers are used. Pipe tracks are grounded or grade-level pipe support, which is also known as Pipe Sleepers. Whereas pipe racks are elevated steel or concrete structures.

How do you hide unsightly utility boxes?

8 Creative Landscaping Ideas to Hide Utility Boxes

  1. Arrange potted plants.
  2. Erect a screen.
  3. Use a trellis.
  4. Plant shrubs.
  5. Grow ornamental grasses.
  6. Build a cabinet.
  7. Cover with a faux rock.
  8. Install a fence.

How do you disguise a generator?

There are a variety of fencing options to hide your generator. You can choose from a standard privacy fence, a green fence made of climbing plants, or a DIY art piece such as up-cycled shutters. Fences are a great option for hiding generators and utilities in general.